Sissy Slut Takes Huge Cock Ass To Mouth

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Sissy sluts need a lot of training. If they are to take any size cock in their mouth & ass, they need to practice. They also need to get used to eating cum & going ass-to-mouth.

Length:13 minutes

Ass To Mouth BBC Loving Slave

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This wanna-be fag whore has to be trained to handle all the big-black-cocks (BBC's) I plan to throw at him. He has to learn to take a big dick in his ass & to then suck it clean. It's so degrading cleaning his own ass juice off the cock after it's been in his ass. I love seeing how low a slave will go for me.

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Trained To Service Cock

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I have a reputation for supplying high end clientele with the best male whores. My clients are very wealthy men in positions of power, leaders of countries, royalty, owners of huge corporations, etc. They expect to lay back & get have their cocks sucked & milked by skilled, submissive sluts. They don't want to have to do any work. I train this new male whore in the art of servicing a client. He learned how to use his mouth & asshole to pleasure a cock. In the end he jerks himself off onto the cock that is fresh from his ass & then cleans it off (ass-to-mouth with a cum covered cock) to get used to cleaning off clients cocks after they've cum in his ass.

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Anal Abuse And Humiliation

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This is probably the most authentically abusive anal vid I've done. I had instructed this slave to train his own ass to take a larger toy. He swore he was ready, he begged & begged me to film with him. He even sent me money to show he was serious about being a good film slave. He whines about the pain as I fuck his ass. He keeps trying to get me to stop & each time I get him on his knees & make him suck his ass juices off the cock (ass-to-mouth) as punishment. I verbally degrade him, his small worthless cock & his lousy performance. I banish him & tell him I'll never see him again. VERY cruel, cutting humiliation.
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Double Strap-On with Nikki Whiplash!

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Oh boy, this is a heavy scene. Mistress Nikki Whiplash & I really give this little bitch a working over. He gets pounded by both of our big cocks, sucks them, goes ass-to-mouth & who knows what the hell else? It's a hardcore, messy scene. Enjoy! (To see more of Nikki Whiplash:
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Huge Strap On Ass To Mouth

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In this intense strap on scene my latex gimp manages to get my huge black cock in his mouth & ass. I pound him mercilessly & jerk him off onto my cock...then order him to suck it clean: ass juice, cum & all!
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Stretched Ass To Mouth

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Custom vid (no name mentioned): I guide you to jerk off while training your own ass. First with a finger, then two...I show you how to stretch it further, adding more fingers, twisting & going deeper, fucking your own ass....then I tell you to pull your fingers out & suck on go ass-to-mouth (ATM) while stroking your dick...but don't cum yet! You have to go further, get that hand ALL THE WAY IN! Cum with your ass stretched & filled to the max...then pull that hand out, scoop up your cum & eat it with the hand that's been in your ass. Cum eating instruction & ass-to-mouth...degrading yourself, humiliating yourself & training yourself to be the perfect slut for me.
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Double Monster Cock Spit Roast

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Sidonia Von Bork of The English Mansion joins me for a good ol' fashioned double ass pounding! We use our HUGE cocks to stretch & abuse both of the slaves holes...going ass-to-mouth making him suck his own ass juices off of our lady cocks! (Click to see more of Sidonia Von Bork)
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Gay Audition

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You have come to audition to be in a gay porn. You'll need to prove yourself by stroking your cock to show you have orgasm control, that you're not a premature ejaculator. You'll have to show me you can suck cock & take a cock in the well as doing ass-to-mouth by taking the cock out of your ass & sucking on it. You'll have to cum on command. I describe the kinds of scenes you'll perform in if you get the job: Gang bangs, interracial, etc. I describe the sex acts you'll perform. My demeanor is professional, not sensual. This is business after all. (Custom vid with no name mentioned.)
Length: 15 minutes

Cuckold Sacrifice Part 1-Encouraged Bi

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--- HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! --- My husband can not risk a messy divorce. It would ruin his business and embarrass his Fam, plus he's madly in love with me. I've turned him into a reluctant cuckold and slave but that's not enough. It amuses me to see how far he'll go for me. He's always been very straight so I know anything gay is a nightmare for him. I tell him I'm going to train him to be a little fagot whore so he can make even more money for me. I blindfold him and make him think my boyfriend is fucking him in the ass, then pretend to make him suck him off. This is a very intense video with a lot of sensual teasing and humiliation. EXTREME MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL TORTURE.
Length: 9 minutes