breast sucking/nipple fetish

Cum Eating For Dummies

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I know many of you love the idea of being encouraged to eat your cum but after you blow you lose your motivation. You probably feel ashamed of not following through with the cum eating when I'm telling you to do it for me. This clip is the solution to your problem! The first part is a quick and dirty masturbation instruction. After you cum on a plate you'll be instructed to PAUSE THE CLIP FOR 30 MINUTES. The second half is a smokin' hot tease and seduction enticing you into eating that cum on the plate. You don't get to cum again until you do as your told, but you'll WANT to. I know when you're horny enough you'll do anything to cum, including eating that cum! I pour the cum on my gorgeous breast and tell you to imagine you're licking it off of my nipple. I pour it onto my juicy ass and instruct you to lick it up. Do it for me, to please WILL be a good boy and FINALLY follow through with eating your cum.
Length: 18 minutes