Jerk For jeans

mp4 142.32 MB

Do you like jeans? Do you like jerking off? Great! This is the masturbation instruction you've been looking for.
Length: 5 minutes

Seduced By Mature Neighbor Lady

mp4 649.26 MB

Not only is your neighbor sexy as hell, she's confident and bossy. You like her take charge vibe and that she's older than you. She's likely experienced and can teach you a few things. Her tight jeans drive you nuts and sometimes she doesn't wear a bra, those big tits jiggling thru that thin fabric. Ugh, she makes you so horny. You have a serious crush on her and you'd do just about anything to get her attention...


Length: 22 minutes

Last Orgasm Before Permanent Chastity

mp4 226.06 MB

This is the last time you're going to be allowed to cum. I'm locking you up for good. I know what a weakness you have for my ass, especially in tight jeans so this should help you along nicely. I tell you what your life is going to be like from now on, how you'll learn to be completely focused on serving me now that you won't be jerking off. I exploit your asshole fetish too & I tell you how you'll be used as my toilet, how you'll learn to eat everything...

Length: 8 minutes

My Ass In Tight Jeans

mp4 184.1 MB

You just love my juicy round ass encased in jeans. You're going to be a good boy & jerk for me as I tease you...exploiting your weakness... instructing you step-by-step...controlling your orgasm...while you drool over & worship my gorgeous butt...
Length: 6 minutes

Dirty Sock Pervert

wmv 141.81 MB

If you have a weakness for dirty, sweaty socks you'll love this vid. My adorable size 4 feet and my nasty, damp sweat socks. Sniff, lick and stroke!
Length: 4 minutes

Invalid Hubby's Tease 1

wmv 223.48 MB

The torture of my invalid hubby revenge for him cheating on me before the accident. I know he has a weakness for jeans so I put on sexy tight jeans and tease him. I stroke his cock and keep him hard as I seduce him...I tell him about how I'm fucking his best friend now and there's nothing he can do about it. Since he can't move or speak the only way my invalid hubby is ever going to have an orgasm is if I stroke him off and that's never going to happen...
Length: 6 Minutes

Ass Worship For The Weak Man

wmv 234.48 MB

Are you an ass man? If so, you'll love this clip. Bijou Steal and I give you instructions on how to worship ass the way we like.
Length: 7 minutes

Jeans Addict

wmv 208.74 MB

Oh-my-god...yes, it's true. An entire clip, a whole 6 minutes just for your fetish. My juicy ass in skin tight designer jeans. Bending over, peeling them down and back up again, squeezing my ass, showing you my ass crack...teasing you, exploiting your weakness. Let's go Jeans Addict, see how long you can last. (PS: Check out the new sofa my slave bought me...just for making this simple clip for him!)
Length: 6 minutes

Jerk It Virgin Dork

wmv 241.32 MB

This clip is for all of you virgin dorks out there who jerk off to porn all the time because you can't get a real woman.
Length: 2 minutes

Cum Eating For Dummies

wmv 542.83 MB

I know many of you love the idea of being encouraged to eat your cum but after you blow you lose your motivation. You probably feel ashamed of not following through with the cum eating when I'm telling you to do it for me. This clip is the solution to your problem! The first part is a quick and dirty masturbation instruction. After you cum on a plate you'll be instructed to PAUSE THE CLIP FOR 30 MINUTES. The second half is a smokin' hot tease and seduction enticing you into eating that cum on the plate. You don't get to cum again until you do as your told, but you'll WANT to. I know when you're horny enough you'll do anything to cum, including eating that cum! I pour the cum on my gorgeous breast and tell you to imagine you're licking it off of my nipple. I pour it onto my juicy ass and instruct you to lick it up. Do it for me, to please WILL be a good boy and FINALLY follow through with eating your cum.
Length: 18 minutes