Caught By Auntie

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You get caught wanking by your hot Aunt. Even worse, you're jerking off with her dirty panties that you dug out of the dirty laundry hamper. As she shames you she notices your tiny penis & your tight foreskin. She makes you pull it back even though it hurts & talks about discussing getting it snipped with your M(ilf). She makes you finish jerking off in front of her while making fun of your tiny penis & teasing you about having a crush on her. (Custom vid with the name Stephen mentioned a couple times.)
Length: 12 minutes

Nurse Takes Your Manhood

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This is a custom vid (but no name is used so great for anyone, well, anyone who is into sadistic nurses...) You are in a full body cast. For weeks I've been giving you sponge baths, working your hard cock & blue balls with warm soapy water...but always stopping just before you cum. Early on I noticed you peeking at my legs & figured out you have a thing for white, opaque tights/pantyhose so I've been teasing you with that too. I've been grinding my crotch against your horny cock & straddling your face making you smell my sex through the white gusset crotch of those pantyhose. Today is the day you're going to be cut out of your cast & I know you're eager to run to the bathroom & wack off. You're so desperate for release you're just about crazy with frustration. BUT before your cast comes off I'm going to 'snip' you so your cock will be too sore to touch for at least 6 more weeks! Ha ha!
Length: 9 minutes