fam fantasy

Auntie Trains You

mp4 270.07 MB

MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION + OLDER WOMAN / YOUNGER MAN + Fam FANTASIES + SEX ED + CUM EATING INSTRUCTION + GLOVE FETISH + FOOT SNIFFING/WORSHIP. Auntie guides you to get rid of that naughty erection before your MILF gets home....
Length: 9 minutes

Your MILF Is A Lesbian

mp4 254.63 MB

This is a wonderful bedtime jerk off instruction for my MILF's boy...with an added twist...it also includes me letting you know that my hot girlfriend is more than just a friend. I know you have a crush on her & maybe it will help to know that she's not interested in boys at all... We're going to let you have one last orgasm while watching us together before locking you up in chastity. From now on we'll be controlling your orgasms so you don't turn into a chronic masturbating pervert. (Click to see more of Alexandra Snow)
Length: 9 minutes

Caught By Auntie

mp4 258.62 MB

You get caught wanking by your hot Aunt. Even worse, you're jerking off with her dirty panties that you dug out of the dirty laundry hamper. As she shames you she notices your tiny penis & your tight foreskin. She makes you pull it back even though it hurts & talks about discussing getting it snipped with your M(ilf). She makes you finish jerking off in front of her while making fun of your tiny penis & teasing you about having a crush on her. (Custom vid with the name Stephen mentioned a couple times.)
Length: 12 minutes

MILF's Boy: In Good Hands (MILF/boy)

mp4 286.43 MB

Junior has been misbehaving at school. M decides he's not too old to spank but then gets a better idea when he seems humiliated to be half naked in front of her. She realizes that at his age there are better ways to get a boy to mind his M. She threatens him with chastity if he's bad but also shows him what his reward will be if he's good...she seduces him with her skilled, experienced hands...telling him that she can teach him everything about sexual pleasure & being a good lover...all he has to do is behave for Mmmmm...
Length: 10 minutes

Bedtime For MILF's Boy

mp4 219.82 MB

This is for my special boys who adore me as your kinky, loving but strict MILF. You've slipped into my bed & found one of my sexy cartoon books. I find you hiding under the covers with a hard on. I realize you won't be able to get to rest with that erection so I help you to cum so you can go back to your own bed for the night.
Length: 7 minutes

MILF's Strict Birth Control

mp4 266.1 MB

To prevent my boy from getting a girl pregnant I empty his balls just before his date (HANDJOB). He finds this very humiliating and resists but I'm insistent. He is further humiliated later when he can't get erect for his hot date ... (a brief cameo appearance by Lexi Sindel)
Length: 9 minutes

Oral Training From MILF

mp4 298.28 MB

I learned that you've been bullied at school & I ask what it was about. I finally draw it out of you that the boys from gym class were making fun of your penis size. I ask you to pull it out so I can examine it. It is small but I wonder if it's maybe a grower so I ask you to make it erect for me. I give you some eye candy to help you along. Fully erect it's still disappointing. I realize you're going to have to learn good oral skills to please a woman & proceed to instruct you in oral worship and allow you to have an orgasm to make the whole experience less stressful. *Light small penis humiliation* by loving but strict MILF.
Length: 11 minutes

MILF sis Tag Team 2

mp4 382.24 MB

As the loving but strict MILF, I am training my boy to serve women as Goddess's...and I'm training my daughter to Dominate & control men. Part of the training is to train them together. EXTREME HUMILIATION for my boy as he's encouraged to smell and kiss my feet and his sisters smelly socks & feet...he's encouraged to sniff her ass and wear her panties on his head while she takes blackmail pics of him...he's even encouraged to lick my pussy in front of his sis. Ceara is amazing as the snotty, bratty sis. (Click to see more of Ceara Lynch...including us smooching & Ceara lifting & carrying me! http://www.cearalynch.com/)
Length: 13 minutes

Lick MILF's Pussy

mp4 406.71 MB

This is a CUSTOM request: (I do not use a name so anyone can enjoy this). I catch you, my boy, jerking off with my panties on your face. I confront you and give you hell but notice that your dick remains hard even though you're embarrassed. I figure out that if you're sniffing & licking the crotch of my dirty panties you must really want to lick my pussy. I tease you with this, knowing the power I have over you. I tell you that I'll let you lick my pussy only AFTER you learn to be a perfect cocksucker. You'll practice on my dildo first, I'll train you, then you'll suck my boyfriends cock. You'll have to learn to be a cum guzzler too so I tell you to imagine you're cumming all over MILF's sweet cunt to help you eat your own cum after you ejaculate. Lots of beautiful CLOSE PUSSY VIEWS. This is a Fam fantasy MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION with PUSSY TEASING, COCK SUCKING TRAINING/ENCOURAGED BI & CUM EATING INSTRUCTION!
Length: 14 minutes

Humiliated In Front Of MILFs Friends

mp4 294.38 MB

Concerned that my boy isn't developing properly I ask my girlfriends to have a look and give their opinion. He's mortified as I sternly instruct him to pull his pants down and present his genitals for inspection. He's further embarrassed when I tell Lexi that he has a crush on her. We encourage him to make his penis erect and laugh as he struggles with it...until the conversation moves to the possibility of me pimping him out as a cocksucker since his penis doesn't work...I hint at his oral talents when we have special cuddle time... (See more of Lexi at clips4sale/8341) (See more of Mina at clips4sale/37562)
Length: 10 minutes