cum clean up

Cuckold Clean Up After Sex

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This is not my usual video. I just decided to have sex & basically left the camera running without setting things up carefully like I normally do. No elaborate storyline & very little dialogue. Just authentic sex. You will feel like the abused cuckold, basically being ignored while watching your wife pleasured by a hot stud. Here's the best part: the ending! I decided to do a rare "cum-on-tits" ending & it's spectacular, if you're into that. I get fucking drenched, then turn my attention to you to clean it up. Lots of time at the end to fantasize about licking me clean while jerking yourself into cuckold oblivion.
Length: 12 minutes

Cuckold Cum Clean Up Compilation

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I've chosen 17 of my favorite cuckold scenes: ALL ACTION! Just cum shots and graphic cum clean up. Cuckolds getting hit in the face with cum, eating it out of my pussy (graphic CREAMPIES), off my dildo, off my feet/socks...licking cum off of my ass...spitting cum into cucks mouths...a non-stop messy roller coaster ride!
Length: 18 minutes