Humiliated Sperm Sample

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This is one of my favorite all-time vids. It's unique. You've come into the clinic to give a sperm sample for some tests & I need to collect it because you fucked up the last one. I'm a nurse with a bit of an attitude problem & non-nurturing bedside manner. I smack my gum & talk in a casual patronizing way. I subtly humiliate you by pointing out that it must be pretty embarrassing to not be able to even jerk off right. I take a phone call while I'm doing the hand job, laughing & ignoring you mostly but also explain to the person on the phone what is going on. I act bored most of the time, rolling my eyes & whistling. I tease you about being into feet & say that I bet you're "one of them perverts". I eventually get you to cum & collect the sample perfectly, humiliating you further by showing how easy it is. NOTE: Lots of gum chewing & a casual, small-town, kind of mannerism. This is like no other vid I've ever done & I absolutely love it. If you're into medical clinic humiliation stuff this is a MUST-HAVE for your collection. Trust me.

Length: 9 minutes

Bitchy Boss Degrading Milking

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Your boss motivates you in a special way. She keeps your cock & balls locked in chastity with the reward of being unlocked & milked once a month IF you meet all productivity goals. It means you end up working long hours & much harder than you ever thought possible, but you get so horny that you'll do anything to cum. Your boss isn't very nice about your monthly milking, she degrades you, ignores you & does little to help your orgasm along. She doesn't really care if you cum or not. She increases your goals for next month & it's unfair, but you'll keep coming back for more because she holds the key to your chastity device.

Length: 14 minutes

You Mean Nothing To Me

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This is a custom vid for a piggie who gets a lot of stuff for me from my Amazon wish list (Click to go to my wish list) But it's just me talking about how you mean nothing to me, so it clearly applies to many of you, especially those who love the abuse or indifference.
Length: 7 minutes

Cuckold Clean Up After Sex

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This is not my usual video. I just decided to have sex & basically left the camera running without setting things up carefully like I normally do. No elaborate storyline & very little dialogue. Just authentic sex. You will feel like the abused cuckold, basically being ignored while watching your wife pleasured by a hot stud. Here's the best part: the ending! I decided to do a rare "cum-on-tits" ending & it's spectacular, if you're into that. I get fucking drenched, then turn my attention to you to clean it up. Lots of time at the end to fantasize about licking me clean while jerking yourself into cuckold oblivion.
Length: 12 minutes

Ignored Cuck Foot Bitch

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Is there anything more humiliating than being completely ignored? While you sit at our feet like a dawg, we snuggle, chat & laugh together, enjoying each others company...but paying no attention to you at all.
Length: 10 minutes

Ceara Lynch And I Abuse You

mp4 292.29 MB

Humiliation & abuse from Ceara & I! Think you can handle it? (Click to see more of Ceara Lynch: clips4sale.com/16312)
Length: 10 minutes

Black Is Better

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This is a very special video. It's genuine & passionate. Real love-making...not just 'porn fucking'. Lots of kissing, caressing & a variety of sexual positions...some natural sexual positions that don't show the graphic BBC in pink pussy but certainly showcase the beauty of a muscular black man properly giving pleasure to a white Goddess. (You will get enough of the graphic cock in pussy shots to jerk off to...but there is a lot more to this video than just the usual porn shots). In the beginning & the end there is verbal humiliation for you the viewer, making fun of you for being an inadequate white boy ....along with instructions to suck that black man's cum out of the condom before you are allowed to ejaculate...but the majority of the vid, everything in the middle, is just straight up passionate love-making with no verbal humiliation. You, the viewer will basically be ignored while I enjoy my lover. So if you are into verbal humiliation, great, you get it, but if you are not just skip the first & last few minutes & enjoy the rest. Great vid for CUCKOLDING fans. (This is a custom vid with no name mentioned.)
Length: 29 minutes

Triple Humiliating JOI

mp4 256.65 MB

I'm joined by two cruel, beautiful Goddess's: Kandy Kink & Bijou Steal. We degrade & humiliate you (& a slave who we mostly ignore) while instructing you to jerk yourself off for us. Includes teasing views of my feet & ass.
~~~ (Click to see more of Bijou Steal)
(Click to see more of Kandy Kink on Club Stiletto)
Length: 9 minutes

Humiliated At My Feet

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You'll be humiliated & treated with disdain as you kneel at my feet, begging to worship them. I talk to my friend (just out of camera view) about how to treat old, ugly slaves like you. About how you're only use is to serve my feet, the lowest part of me. I'll only acknowledge you to point out that you look like you're on the verge of tears & that I love to see how much you suffer for me.
Length: 10 minutes

Goddess Party: Humiliated, Teased & Ignored

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If you were in the same room as me & a few famous Goddess's do you think I would pay any attention to YOU?! Feel the pain & suffer as you experience what it would really be like to be in a room with 4 hot Goddess's who didn't care about you. (Princess Meggerz)

(Ceara Lynch)

(Alexandra Snow)
Length: 5 minutes