Testing Out Porn Star Hopeful

mp4 360.87 MB

So you think you have what it takes to be a porn star? It's more than looks, you need to be able to perform well. How does this audition go? You'll have to watch to find out...but know that there is a cum shot & a lot of post orgasm torture.

Length: 12 minutes

Complete Fail Audition

mp4 275.81 MB

What does real humiliation look like? This. Imagine that you've been a big fan for a long time, wanting to worship & serve me. You apply to be a film slave or stunt cock for my vids and this is your big chance. Now imagine failing so spectacularly that I decided to share the vid with the world so others could be amused at what a complete sexual failure you are.

Length: 9 minutes

Just Fuck

mp4 293.96 MB

This is a raw, spontaneous sex scene with no story line. 

After filming another scene where Shreddz was tied up and I teased him without letting him cum we turned the camera off and I untied him. We then decided to "just fuck" for the fun of it & his girlfriend Samantha turned the camera back on & filmed it.

At the end I address you as a cuckold, if you're into doesn't matter either way really as there wasn't anything else really said otherwise during all the 'action'. So for guys that have begged for me to just do a regular sex scene "without all the weird stuff" I guess this is as close as you'll get.

Features: the hot stud Shreddz! Find more of him in action here:

Length: 10 minutes

Audition Premature Ejaculation

mp4 204.75 MB

A potential new film slave/stunt cock is auditioning & trying his best to impress me. He does have a decent cock & a nice body....but how will he perform? He's been watching my vids for years, jerking off thinking about serving me in person. Will it all be too much, having me so close to him, my touch...

SPOILER: Yes, he prematurely ejaculates/cums without permission BUT it's a spectacular cum shot...I shame him for his lack of control but I secretly think he has potential for training.

How long do you think you would last??

Length: 7 minutes

First Time Strap-On Virgin

mp4 459.53 MB

Custom vid, no name mentioned. IMPORTANT: This is not a typical strap-on vid with lots of hard-core pounding action. The custom order was for an authentic first time pegging scene & that means lots of intimate, slow warm up, lots of fingering (actually edited about 20 minutes of that to just a few minutes)...there were some false starts where I put it in then had to take it back out again & I wasn't sure we would even get the scene...but in the end he's riding my dick, loving it & cumming, so we got there. It all comes off as fairly amateur & very very natural & real...because it was. Maybe not everyone's cup of tea, but I've given an accurate description for those who like this style.

Length: 16 minutes


Cuckold Clean Up After Sex

mp4 348.01 MB

This is not my usual video. I just decided to have sex & basically left the camera running without setting things up carefully like I normally do. No elaborate storyline & very little dialogue. Just authentic sex. You will feel like the abused cuckold, basically being ignored while watching your wife pleasured by a hot stud. Here's the best part: the ending! I decided to do a rare "cum-on-tits" ending & it's spectacular, if you're into that. I get fucking drenched, then turn my attention to you to clean it up. Lots of time at the end to fantasize about licking me clean while jerking yourself into cuckold oblivion.
Length: 12 minutes