Cuckold Sissy Creampie Cleaner

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This vid has EVERYTHING you love: cock size comparisons, chastity, tease & denial, humiliation, LOTS of HOT SEX!, authentic CREAMPIE clean up! Plus a few bucks off. Fans of my cuckolding vids know scenes like this are very rare these days, especially ones with a creampie clean up, so this is a must have for your collection.
Length: 22 minutes

Cuckold Impregnation Fantasy

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To my cuckold: "I think you'd make a great Pa but I don't want to have sex with you & I don't think you should pass on your inadequate I'm going to fuck an alpha male & get pregnant by him. You can watch while I get bred."Nice CREAMPIE at the end!
Length: 14 minutes

Cheating Wife Creampie Surprise

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I have made this vid for you, my husband. You are watching it at work where I've sent it. Last night I came home late & climbed onto your face for you to lick me & give me pleasure. Did you notice that I tasted different? I had been out to a sex club where I made this vid of me fucking another man & him cumming in my pussy. You'll see he has a much thicker cock than yours. Watch how I enjoy fucking him. I won't be fucking your little dick anymore. You will be my cuckold & just lick up other men's cum from my pussy! (NOTE: This is a VERY rare scene for me with a REAL CREAM PIE/cum oozing out of my freshly fucked pussy!)
Length: 10 minutes

Personal Message For Cuckold Hubby

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This is a sweet, sensual, teasing vid for my cuckolds. I tell you about your new life as my cuckold, locked up in chastity. I coach you along to cum for me as part of your will love being my will love cleaning my creampies & everything that comes along with being my cuckold...
Length: 6 minutes

MILF Loves Blue Balls

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This video is a little different than my usual 'MILF' vids and I'm sure ALL MILF/Milf fans will love it. Filmed partly POV you will see me as if I'm fucking YOU...but I included other camera angles so you would have lots of hot views. It's a visual buffet from beginning to end. ~~~ The premise: you, my boy, have very blue balls and you beg me to allow you to cum the entire time, while I tease the hell out of you but keep denying you an orgasm. I enjoy knowing you have blue balls and the story line hints that this has been going on for awhile. I eventually stop things abruptly and leave you hanging and horny for the ends with 'the next morning' where I come back and tease you and fuck you to the point where you can't help yourself and you cum in MILF's pussy. I scold you and walk out...but not before giving you a close up view of my slick thighs as your cum oozes out of my pussy.
Length: 18 minutes

Cuckold Cum Clean Up Compilation

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I've chosen 17 of my favorite cuckold scenes: ALL ACTION! Just cum shots and graphic cum clean up. Cuckolds getting hit in the face with cum, eating it out of my pussy (graphic CREAMPIES), off my dildo, off my feet/socks...licking cum off of my ass...spitting cum into cucks mouths...a non-stop messy roller coaster ride!
Length: 18 minutes

Chastity Slaves Suffering Part 2

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My poor chastity slave's suffering continues in this video. Since he can't take a good ballbusting he'll have to take something else. I make him watch me getting fucked by my boyfriend. This is painful for him because he so badly wants to fuck me, but is always denied. He so badly wants to worship my feet but I make him wait, taunting him making him do one more thing before he gets his reward (my feet). I know his biggest fear is being gay...and eating cum is pretty 'gay'. So I make him eat the cream pie.
Length: 12 minutes

Closet Slave

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This is one of the most unique, action-packed and hottest clips I've ever created. I have a slave tied up in my closet with a vibe up his ass and tied to his balls. He wears a gag/dildo face harness so he's always ready to be my sex it keeps him quiet. I make him watch me fuck my boyfriend from the dark closet. Before and after the fucking I intensely tease him, his cock is so hard it's purple. I shove my cum soaked panties against his nose and face fuck the dildo. This clip includes super intense TEASE & DENIAL scenes, lots of great fucking, a cream me: you'll want this clip for your collection.
Length: 11 minutes

Clean Up Dream Come True

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The slave is a regular guy just like you, a fan of my vids who paid big bucks to have his fantasy fulfilled and made into a video so he could relive it over and over. (Being my cuckold husband and being encouraged to eat the cream pie) Now you get to live vicariously through him.
Length: 13 minutes

Daddys Slutty Little Girl

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DIRTY PANTY ALERT! You're my perverted old Pa who I control with blackmail and your weaknesses. It amuses me to make you do dirty things. Today I've returned home wearing VERY dirty panties (CREAMPIE). I even made a little video to show you how I got them so dirty. You're going to watch that little video, clean those panties with your tongue and jerk off.
Length: 7 minutes