Vows Of Devotion

mp4 122.24 MB

This is a custom vid (the name mentioned is a politically incorrect slang term). If you are a submissive BLACK man who wants to devote himself to me, Mistress T, like a religion, this vid is a good start. (Disclaimer: extreme theme & words.)
Length: 5 minutes

Black Magic Seed Extraction

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Now that you are under my spell you'll do whatever I tell you to. I only milk you when I require your seed for my potions...otherwise you don't get to cum. I control everything about you now, including your orgasms. My scent is like an opiate to you. My pussy makes you deeply submissive. When I sit on your face any hope of escape is gone...ejaculating takes you even deeper under my control but you are helpless to resist...
Length: 8 minutes