Pay To Be Exposed

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If you like Financial Domination this clip should get your juices flowing. What's the vid about? Who cares, watch it anyway.

Length: 18 minutes

Cruel Hateful Verbal Degradation

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You're just a fucking waste of space, aren't you? Look at yourself. Disgusting. You actually get off on being called a loser, don't you? I have a lot more for you than just calling you a loser. Do you think you can handle me telling you the truth about what a piece of shi+ you are? We'll see if you're not in the fetal position crying like a little bitch by the time you get to watch this guy nut. Lucky him, eh? You know it will never be you. You'll never get to be with me or a woman like me.

Naturally, there's some Financial Domination to this as well, because guys like you have to pay. There's tribute info in my FAQ & ways to get in touch with me to get more abuse:

There's also a tribute button right here on my clips store. Scroll up to the top right corner dumb dumb.

Length: 12 minutes

Mean FinDom

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Just watch the clip.


Length: 20 minutes

Gloved Criminal Seduction

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Custom vid, no name mentioned. You awake to find me robbing you but my leather gloves immediately arouse you so you just lay there as I approach you, a twinkle in my eye. I seduce you with my leather gloves. The thrill of having a powerful, dangerous woman touch you is overwhelming. I tease you, telling you that I know you're imagining me fucking you, the grip of my pussy like the grip of my hand around your hard cock. I tell you that if you keep quiet about me robbing you I'll come back in a couple of weeks & maybe I'll fuck you then, wearing these gloves, the gloves you know I use to steal & pick locks & at that time I'll clean you out completely. I'll drain you in every possible way.

Length: 11 minutes

You Mean Nothing To Me

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This is a custom vid for a piggie who gets a lot of stuff for me from my Amazon wish list (Click to go to my wish list) But it's just me talking about how you mean nothing to me, so it clearly applies to many of you, especially those who love the abuse or indifference.
Length: 7 minutes

Tribute Superior White Goddess

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This video is specifically designed for black slaves who worship white Goddess's. Warning: Non-politically correct terms used.
Length: 6 minutes.

More Than Money

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This is a custom vid (no name mentioned). You are a wealthy gentleman obsessed with me. You send me gifts & tributes hoping to prove your devotion to me. Eventually we'll need to meet so you can give me what money can't buy...~ This is an elite mind-fucking masturbation instruction for the financially privileged. Light on financial domination but heavy on seduction. I will sensually & powerfully deepen your connection to me in preparation for meeting me in person.
Length: 13 minutes

Vows Of Devotion

mp4 122.24 MB

This is a custom vid (the name mentioned is a politically incorrect slang term). If you are a submissive BLACK man who wants to devote himself to me, Mistress T, like a religion, this vid is a good start. (Disclaimer: extreme theme & words.)
Length: 5 minutes

Cuckold Foot Licker

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Custom vid: (no name mentioned) Your boss & your wife cuckold you & tell you what your life as their cuckold is going to be like from now on. You'll be their foot licker all the time & worship BOTH of their feet...when they get back from the gym, at the beach, at restaurants, etc. Of course, you'll lick their feet while their having sex! You'll still work hard but hand ALL your money over to them to spend on a lavish lifestyle of luxurious vacations, spa days, fine dining, etc. You'll also be put on a diet of junk food to fatten you up & make you even uglier while they go to the gym & gt even sexier. Your life of humiliation begins now.
Length: 7 minutes

Exposed To The World

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Do you have a fantasy about being exposed? Your neighbors, friends, coworkers, wife, etc. finding out about your secret kinky life? It's thrilling & terrifying, isn't it? So you allow yourself to be photographed & filmed doing shameful sex acts: sucking cock, licking send these pics along with your real name to sexy women tempting fate...what did you think would happen you sick fuck? ***Disclaimer: This is all a part of Gordon's fantasy. I have not exposed a film slave & his real name without his written permission or against his wishes.***
Length: 11 minutes