Therapist Takes Advantage

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You comes in for a counseling session & I put you into a deeply relaxed state using a special technique. In that state of relaxation you are very susceptible to suggestion & I take advantage of that. I take out your cock, get you hard & use you for my pleasure. I cum while fucking your cock but I don't let you ejaculate. I want you to be horny after our session so you masturbate & feel ashamed for thinking about me in that way. I implant triggers & thoughts. I fuck with your head to ensure you keep coming back to me for more therapy...which means more sexual pleasure for me.
Length: 12 minutes

Black Magic Soul Sucking

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Your friend told you that I could perform magic...that I could make your wishes come true...but you are soon under my spell & helpless to get away...I reveal that your friend is one of my slaves, sent out into the world to bring me more slaves. I seduce you, entrance you & tell you that once you ejaculate you will forever be mine, my servant, my plaything...yet you can't get away & as your orgasm builds your freedom slips away...your soul will be mine...
Length: 11 minutes