Erotic Assassin Strikes Again

mp4 307.13 MB

You see that I've come for YOU now. You know you should run, but for some reason you can't look away. You're immediately entranced as I tease and toy with you like a cat playing with a mouse. You know none of my targets have survived to reveal my secrets...yet each victim was found with a smile on their face. You're curious, aren't you? Don't you see? It's already begun. You can't escape...but it's a hell of a way to go...
Length: 10 minutes

Black Magic Soul Sucking

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Your friend told you that I could perform magic...that I could make your wishes come true...but you are soon under my spell & helpless to get away...I reveal that your friend is one of my slaves, sent out into the world to bring me more slaves. I seduce you, entrance you & tell you that once you ejaculate you will forever be mine, my servant, my plaything...yet you can't get away & as your orgasm builds your freedom slips away...your soul will be mine...
Length: 11 minutes