Boot Worship Brainwash

wmv 227.13 MB

This clip contains surprises that I won't spoil for you. I'll just say that if you're into 'boots' and/or 'Entrancement/mind control/financial domination' you will love this clip. I strongly recommend you download it. In fact, I order you to.
Length: 6 minutes

Entranced Stroking Slave 2

wmv 522.6 MB

Fans of any of my entrancement vids will enjoy this one. A little more sinister than it's kinder earlier version (Entranced Stroking Slave) this series is designed to brainwash you bit by bit with each new video. A little less hippie-positive, a little more powerful...the slippery slope of mind control inches forward...
Length: 14 minutes

Entrancement Therapist Mind Fuck

wmv 714.54 MB

Yes, this really is a 20 minute clip. Why is it so long? It contains a full Entrancement scene and a full FUCKING scene. This is one of the best clips I've ever made. A patient comes to me for help with his compulsive masturbation problem. I advise him that it's healthy, and he should do it more. I prescribe medication and Entrancement-therapy to help him. BUT I have an EVIL plan! While under Entrancement I begin my brainwashing to create my own real-life sex toy. I implant triggers that will motivate him to see me frequently, no matter the cost. I use mind control to make him remember our sexual encounter as a fantasy, a dirty dream that he will feel too ashamed of to tell anyone about or to ask me about. He will become obsessed with me until his entire life revolves around me...This clip is POWERFULLY RECOMMENDED.
Length: 20 minutes

Entranced Stroking Slave

wmv 618.34 MB

Don't be afraid. Although this clip involves mind control, brainwashing and entrancement it is designed to produce a very positive, peaceful feeling. It's a feel-good masturbation instruction/Goddess Worship/relaxation video. Perfect anytime, but especially before you go to bed or whenever you need to have an orgasm and chill out. You will become more addicted to me but that's a good thing. xo
Length: 17 minutes

Entrancement Hostage

wmv 270.9 MB

You have information we want. You're being held hostage in a damp, dark basement. One of our methods to get the information from you is entrancement interrogation. We're going to practice today with an entrancement masturbation instruction to test it's effectiveness on you. You will cum on command. You can't resist my mind control. You already feel yourself being pulled under my spell.