Trust Doctor T

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EVIL Entrancement ! You're awaken, disoriented, by a beautiful Doctor...your Therapist...she guides back into a more relaxed state using soothing language...you go deeper...and deeper...things start to get sexy...is it just your imagination or is this really happening?...she instructs you to stroke yourself but if feels like it's her pussy...is she taking advantage of you in your vulnerable state? (MIND FUCKING, EROTIC Entrancement, JOI, SENSUAL)
Length: 14 minutes

Sensual Entrancement

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This is a relaxing, sensuous, intense MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION. Complete escapism. You will feel more peaceful & positive after being taken on an intimate journey with me....deeper....deeper... Designed to make you feel like I am right there with you...so convincing you will swear you feel my warmth, my touch, my pussy wrapped around your cock...
Length: 19 minutes

Sensual Entrancement

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This is a soothing, sensual, (safe) vid. Nothing evil here. Honest. Okay, maybe you'll be a little more addicted to me after...but hey, that could happen with any of my vids.
Length: 15 minutes

Evil Manipu-Therapy 3

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*** Entrancement *** Your favorite evil, manipulative, twisted, sexy therapist is back to fuck with what's left of your mind. The first part of the clip is very soothing...I take you into deep relaxation making you very susceptible to suggestion. Once I have you under my complete control I turn you into MY sex puppet. I create a new addiction: foot fetish and make you worship my feet. I make you lick my ass & pussy laughing that you'll still taste and smell me when you come out of your trance. I plant a few naughty ideas in those mush brains of yours and ensure that you become my personal, addicted, ruined slave!!! *insert evil laughter here*
Length: 13 minutes

Erotic Assassin Strikes Again

mp4 307.13 MB

You see that I've come for YOU now. You know you should run, but for some reason you can't look away. You're immediately entranced as I tease and toy with you like a cat playing with a mouse. You know none of my targets have survived to reveal my secrets...yet each victim was found with a smile on their face. You're curious, aren't you? Don't you see? It's already begun. You can't escape...but it's a hell of a way to go...
Length: 10 minutes

Evil Manipu-Therapy 2

wmv 525.82 MB

Entrancement fans and broken souls will feel ashamed for loving this vid. No positive affirmations here. Do you think I'd use the word 'EVIL' casually? You've come to me for therapy. You think I'm a professional. Every time you come for therapy you feel worse, yet you can't seem to resist coming back again. You have dark thoughts about me but you're sure it's just your own imagination....you would never insult me by telling me about your dirty fantasies about me, your therapist, yet they seem so vivid, more like memories...if the idea of getting supremely and authentically fucked over and degraded by a powerful, manipulative business women turns you on: you're already fucked up, so you might as well buy this vid.
Length: 14 minutes

Evil Manipu-Therapy

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What happens when you combine an evil Dominant Therapist with entrancement-therapy? You get manipulated. You're already feeling the pull of my power. You keep looking at the images to the right wondering if you have the will-power to resist me. I bet you don't. Just hover the mouse over the BUY NOW button and test your strength. You want to see more, don't you? You're deciding this for yourself, it's not some mysterious power I already have over you...or is it...? Mmmmmasturbation Instruction....sure, it's just innocent fun (?), go ahead click and find out. One little click and your night will be so much more interesting...
Length: 18 minutes

Entrancement Tits

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A unique entrancement clip starring the beautiful, Busty Glam Goddess Samantha (visuals) with audio by me, Mistress T. Hear my silky voice guide you into a deeper state of erotic relaxation while Samantha's mesmerizing breasts mind-fuck you. Includes MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION. Escapism therapy to de-stress and help you rest after your release.
Length: 13 minutes

Entranced Stroking Slave 4

wmv 499.84 MB

Relaxing and erotic. Go deeper.
Length: 14 minutes

Entranced Stroking Slave 3

wmv 588.36 MB

This is the 3rd video in this popular series. Each one takes you deeper. You will watch this video over and over. It will leave you feeling relaxed, content and completely milked. As you consider watching this clip you will feel that familiar feeling in your cock. That's me sending you a message from the deepest part of you.
Length: 16 minutes