Kinky Gimp Service And Humiliation

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What's more humiliating than making a "straight" slave/cuckold lick your boyfriends feet? How low can you go?

Length:12 minutes

Cuckold Foot Licker

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Custom vid: (no name mentioned) Your boss & your wife cuckold you & tell you what your life as their cuckold is going to be like from now on. You'll be their foot licker all the time & worship BOTH of their feet...when they get back from the gym, at the beach, at restaurants, etc. Of course, you'll lick their feet while their having sex! You'll still work hard but hand ALL your money over to them to spend on a lavish lifestyle of luxurious vacations, spa days, fine dining, etc. You'll also be put on a diet of junk food to fatten you up & make you even uglier while they go to the gym & gt even sexier. Your life of humiliation begins now.
Length: 7 minutes

Cuckolded Footboy

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Custom request (no name mentioned). Imagine how humiliating it would be for you to be kneeling at our feet. Your cuckoldress & the black stud you can't compete with. We laugh at you & humiliate you. I instruct you to lick & worship his feet and mine...& make you jerk off & cum while doing it!
Length: 8 minutes