Foot Domination

Imagine Fucking My Feet

mp4 277.34 MB

Custom vid for ROMARIS, & I use his name throughout. A sensually Dominant vid of me teasing you with my feet & talking about giving you a foot job in this position. I encourage you to stroke your dick imagining it's sliding between my perfect soles. I guide you to cum for my feet, as if you could resist...

Length: 10 minutes


Foot Dork Humiliated

mp4 336.6 MB

Custom vid for Bobby (his name mentioned several times)'ve come to ask me out on a date, which is laughable as I'm way out of your league. A real man wouldn't come kneeling, drooling over my feet. I dangle my shoes, teasing you with my feet & eventually give you loads of close up views of them, encouraging you to sniff & lick them. All the while I humiliate you & call you names. I challenge you to cum quickly with a countdown at the end.

Length: 12 minutes

Foot Bitch JOI

mp4 315.2 MB

Custom vid, no name mentioned. You love looking at my feet in this position. This is your weakness. I tease you about your fetish, make you edge yourself as I control how you jerk...eventually I guide you a looooong sensual cum countdown to cum for my perfect feet.

Length: 11 minutes

Foot Desire HJ

mp4 314.48 MB

If you like feet, hand jobs & sensually Dominant women...get this damn vid. Obviously.

Bonus: Cum ON foot...which slave licks off.

Length: 10 minutes

Foot Fetish Edging Game

mp4 559.34 MB

This is a long, drawn out, intense tease scene for a very horny foot lover! I make him lick his cum off my foot at the end when I FINALLY let him cum.

Length: 19 minutes

Intimidated & Humiliated

mp4 297.43 MB

Sometimes guys get nervous & their dicks become uncooperative. It can happen at the worst time, when you desperately want to impress a woman you're crazy about. For some reason, it happens even more to wimpy guys who are intimidated by confident women in control. I could be more understanding of this losers erectile dysfunction but instead I decide to be a cunt & humiliate him for it. If you're hot for small penis humiliation & cruel verbal abuse with a little foot & shoe action, this will get your rocks off.
Length: 10 minutes

Last Orgasm Before Snip

mp4 221.83 MB

Face it: you are never going to be able to please a woman. You're inadequate, worthless & a complete sexual disappointment. The last thing you should do is reproduce. I think you would be a more docile & obedient slave if I neutered you. So I've decided to snip you. To take away your manhood. You can have one last orgasm to remember fondly though, so go ahead & jerk to my feet, for the very last time.
Length: 8 minutes

Premature Ejaculation Help For Foot Lovers

mp4 499.3 MB

Combining foot worship/foot fetish with orgasm control, this is a sensual, powerful & useful vid.
Length: 18 minutes

Foot Love

mp4 384.64 MB

A sexy & sensual FemDom foot job/hand job for foot lovers!
Length: 13 minutes

Dangle Foot Fetish

mp4 277.46 MB

This is a custom vid with no name whoever you are, if you like feet or shoe dangling, you'll love this. Lots of awesome views of teasing shoe dangling...then lots of foot eye candy to drool over...well, to blow your load to!
Length: 9 minutes