FemDom Footjob For Foot Freaks

mp4 417.64 MB

Degrading verbals. Humiliation themed. But if you just like feet, turn the volume off & enjoy the visual feast!

Length: 14 minutes

Foot Dork Humiliated

mp4 336.6 MB

Custom vid for Bobby (his name mentioned several times)'ve come to ask me out on a date, which is laughable as I'm way out of your league. A real man wouldn't come kneeling, drooling over my feet. I dangle my shoes, teasing you with my feet & eventually give you loads of close up views of them, encouraging you to sniff & lick them. All the while I humiliate you & call you names. I challenge you to cum quickly with a countdown at the end.

Length: 12 minutes

Cuckolded Footboy

mp4 184.84 MB

Custom request (no name mentioned). Imagine how humiliating it would be for you to be kneeling at our feet. Your cuckoldress & the black stud you can't compete with. We laugh at you & humiliate you. I instruct you to lick & worship his feet and mine...& make you jerk off & cum while doing it!
Length: 8 minutes

Real Fans Humiliation

wmv 507.72 MB

I still can't even believe we did this. A real fan contacted me and volunteered to be a film slave. His desire was to eat the cream pie and he said he would even suck cock 'if' I encouraged him. I suspected he was really a closet homo who deep down just wanted to eat cum and maybe had a bit of a man-crush on my boyfriend. Throughout the clip you see the progression and how I taunt and tease him. It wasn't planned this way but this is what happened: I'm torturing the slave by sucking my boyfriends cock right in front of him, he's practically drooling as he finally confesses how badly he wants to suck it, my boyfriend cums partially in my mouth, which I spit into the slaves face, then rub the rest of the cum on MY BOYFRIENDS FEET (!!!) and make the slave lick it off! Not only is it incredibly humiliating this clip is also a gem for TICKLING fans! I grab the camera and catch my very ticklish boyfriend freaking out while the slaves tongue tickles his sensitive feet. The action continues as I make the slave jerk his tiny weenie while sucking even more cum off of my fingers as I intensely degrade and humiliate him even more. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Length: 14 minutes

Filthy Foot Piggy 2

wmv 120.66 MB

We had so much fun doing the first part of this we decided to do a second part in a public storage basement. Anyone could walk in any moment and see this wet kneed loser licking the filth of the floor from my feet. I add a little lubricant to help with the harsh black dust of the basement floor: LOTS OF SNOT AND SPIT!
Length: 4 minutes

Best Public Foot Fetish Clip Ever

wmv 442.67 MB

The title says it all. 5 different scenes, 3 different days: on residential streets with lots of activity in broad daylight, on a busy sidewalk during a street party, an another busy sidewalk during a parade, in a nightclub (with slave under the table). In every scene you see and hear LOTS of people...candid comments and questions. If public foot humiliation is your thing this clip is an absolute must-have.
Length: 12 minutes

Public Foot Humiliation

wmv 213.74 MB

I know you foot junkies won't be able to resist this one. A candid clip of Mistress Bijou Steal and I sitting outside while she enjoys a cigarette. We decide to have some fun with a slave who was tagging along paying for our drinks all night. You can see people walking and driving by as we make him get on his knees and worship our feet. Ms. Steal had been wearing those socks and boots all day and even I could smell them from a few feet away! Ms. Steal even uses the slave as a human ashtray. You get a clear view of her putting her cigarette out on his tongue and him swallowing the butt.

Nightclub Foot Slave

wmv 197.48 MB

This loser foot slave came in handy the other night. He paid for food, drinks and cover charge at clubs all night for me and my friends. Even better though he provided entertainment by licking and worshiping my gorgeous shoes and perfect tiny feet. This clip shows the beginning of the night (clean shoes and feet) and then the end of the night after I've been dancing in my bare feet on filthy dance club floors. Before AND after to satisfy foot fetishists whether they prefer clean OR dirty feet.