human furnature

Goddess Party 5 - Part 7

wmv 237.89 MB

MMMMiss Jasmine! Looking smokin' hot in a latex dress Miss Jasmine delights in toying with one of her slaves. She sensually and powerfully dominates him. He lovingly worships her FEET...she uses him as a spittoon (Sexy SPITTING scene!), she physically over-powers him and uses him as HUMAN'll blow more than once with this clip as it has multiple highlight moments that will make your knees weak. Oh, to serve a Goddess like that, hmmm?
Length: 6 minutes

Goddess Party 4-Part 6: Pussy Cleaner & Encouraged Bi

wmv 319.37 MB

Since the previous clip from the Goddess Party (PART 5: ENCOURAGED BI) got into the top 50 many of you will be excited to see that the COCKSUCKING / ENCOURAGED BI continues throughout this entire clip. Yes, that slave probably sucked cock for a half hour straight. There's also a very hot pussy cleaning scene (MY sweet pussy and that eager, smooth-faced slave, mmmmm). There's even a little CORPORAL, HUMAN FURNITURE, BALLBUSTING, HUMILIATION, FOOT WORSHIP and other fun surprises. I highly recommend THIS clip!
Length: 9 minutes

Learn To Serve Part 1 - Foot Worship

wmv 288.48 MB

You all need training, don't you? We'll start off easy, I know you're nervous. Be my human furniture and my foot slave. To be beneath me, my full weight on you, using you as a chaise soft, tiny feet on your face: Heaven. To worship my feet with a close-up view of my full, womanly ass: torture?
Length: 8 minutes

Foot Slaves Place 2

wmv 233.57 MB

The first "Foot Slaves Place" sold incredibly well and received so much fan mail I felt motivated to create another one...but this time we get a lot more graphic. More than just kissing and making out. Dramatic camera angles that will make you feel like you are below me, being my foot slave while I fuck my boyfriend...and ignore you. Below me, where you belong. Doing your best to please me by being my foot stool and foot worshiper. Super hot clip for CUCKOLDS and FOOT SLAVES.
Length: 6 minutes

Human Furniture

wmv 302.13 MB

Do you feel more like a seat cushion than a person? Foot stool? Mattress? Just a piece of furniture? A hopefully useful or amusing object? Do you feel like your face was designed to fit a womans intimate curves perfectly? Like a puzzle? To have a woman sit on your breath in her unique feminine have her take your breath objectified, amuse me: Download this clip.
Length: 7 minutes