Face Sitting

Denied Cuckold Slave

mp4 213.3 MB

Tied down in my dungeon, my cuckold slave waits to do his duty: to clean my pussy & ass after I've been fucking my lovers. I occasionally give him release but find he's more efficient if he's kept in a state of desperation.
Length: 7 minutes

Humiliating MILF Face Sit

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MILF's twisted discipline includes locking your cock in a chastity cage & sitting on your face while wearing pantyhose....

Length:8 minutes

Scent Fetish Mind Fuck

mp4 387.21 MB

I control you with my scent. It's all a part of the mind fucking. I make you worship my armpits, feet, ass & pussy...sitting on your face, you have no choice but to inhale my aroma...it's so intimate...

Length: 13 minutes

Man-Ass Facesitting

mp4 361.67 MB

Yes, you read that right: MAN-ASS Facesitting. Does it get anymore degrading than that?! I make my straight slave cum while my boyfriend sits on his face. It's not easy, he really isn't into it. It takes awhile for him to get hard & when he finally cums it's not much of a cum-shot...& I love that! I delight in making him do things he doesn't want to do...he's such a sick fuck (just like you) that now he'll think about my boyfriends ass all the time & he'll start begging to lick & rim his asshole.

Length: 12 minutes

Gas Facesit

mp4 257.48 MB

There is a fair bit of fluffing in this vid but it was not meant to be a fluffing vid. It just happened. (So don't request I do more of these because I won't do it on-command.) My B & I are play wrestling, scissoring leads to facesitting & when I start fluffing in his face he gets a hard on. I humiliate him for it & then think it would be funny to make him cum on his own face. It doesn't quite work out that way but I scoop up his cum & smear it on his face anyway. Girls can be SO mean, eh?


Length: 9 minutes

Mattress Cuckold Objectified

mp4 333.45 MB

My slave is just an object. A door mat, a face seat cushion, a mattress. I usually ignore him but I take sadistic pleasure in objectifying him in creative ways, in treating him like a thing. An "it". I sit full weight on his face while chatting on the phone. He has to lift me enough to get a bit of air. I stand on him while making out with & fucking my lover. I lay on top of him while getting fucked, with no regard for his comfort or feelings. I make him fluff my lovers cock but he's so worthless he doesn't do it well (probably because he thinks he's "straight") so I make him my cum-dumpster. I know how much he hates the taste of cum, even the idea of having cum in his mouth is horrifying. Ha ha!
Length: 11 minutes

Latex Catsuit Milking

mp4 270.48 MB

A sensual FemDom handjob with facesitting & lots of eye-candy in this custom-made, latex/rubber catsuit!
Length: 9 minutes

Mean Ball Abuse Ruined Orgasm

mp4 414.37 MB

A mean girl scene with wrestling, facesitting, head scissoring & an aggressive handjob with ruined orgasm.
Length: 14 minutes

Watch Him Get What You Want

mp4 172.39 MB

You have a thing for more experienced women...cougars...you wish you could be with me, have me take you in hand & show you how to be a better lover. You wish you could feel my skilled hands on your cock. You crave to smell me, to have my pussy against your lips. I torment you with my words as I give someone else the sensual hand job and attention you so desperately want...
Length: 6 minutes

Prisoners Pussy Licking Duty

mp4 228.56 MB

In MY prison inmates do as I instruct them to or they get severely punished. This new prisoner will start out with oral service duties. If he performs well he won't be punished.
Length: 8 minutes