Foot Fetish

Lucky To Be At Our Feet

mp4 193.45 MB

You are very lucky to be kneeling at our feet, close enough to sniff, kiss, lick, suck and worship our superior feet. Samantha's gorgeous size 8's with bright pink nails and my tiny size 4 feet with nearly black nail polish. (Click to go to Goddess Samantha's clips store)
Length: 6 minutes

MILF and Friends

mp4 185.79 MB

You're awoken by the sound of ladies giggling and talking coming from your MILF's get up and start to snoop but MILF hears you and calls you in...there's pretty Mommie with two of her super pretty friends! They gently tease you when they notice your little erection and realize you're not going to be able to get back to bed until you have an orgasm. MILF tells a couple of embarrassing stories about you as they all encourage you to play with yourself in front of're told to sniff Mommies friends pantyhose covered feet and to sniff her panties...then to kiss and lick her other friends perfect get to nuzzle those beautiful breasts and Mommie gives you a hand to put you over the edge... More of Domina Snow: - More of Sarah Blake:
Length: 6 minutes

Foot Fetish Handjob

mp4 484.99 MB

If you like feet & foot jobs/hand jobs you'll love this vid! Petite size 4 feet! (I personally recommend this's super sexy/visually stunning but also light & fun. Great chemistry between the film slave & I. You'll see me smiling a lot at how horny & into me the slave is.)
Length: 16 minutes

Feet Make You Weak

mp4 226.55 MB

My shiny, oiled size 4 petite feet drive you crazy...don't they? Do you think you'll be able to last until the end of this MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION clip? With those amazing visuals and my velvety, commanding voice encouraging you along...
Length: 8 minutes

Erotic Assassin: Fatal Web Cam Show

mp4 306.29 MB

You've accepted my invitation to watch a special web cam show. This includes a new sex toy which has been mailed to you. It's like a pocket pussy/rubber sleeve/fleshlight (so if you have one of these use it for this vid). I have a remote that controls your sex toy and it feels amazing, just like my pussy would, but even better. I tease you with my boots, feet & body, encouraging your little masturbation session until you are right at the edge of orgasm...that's when I break the news that when you ejaculate you will be electrocuted! This will be your last orgasm and you are already too far gone to stop it! As the dozens of web cam viewers start dropping off I become aroused at the efficiency of my new device of destruction, I cum, d.r.u.n.k on power, laughing at the humiliating way you all are meeting your end! Weak, weak men, controlled by your dicks!
Length: 10 minutes

Game Day 2

mp4 382.81 MB

It's time to play your favorite game again today! I tease you mercilessly with my feet and body. We'll play lots of 'stop & go' as I guide you through a MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION. Will you be given permission to cum at the end or will you be denied? There's only one way to find out...
Length: 13 minutes

Pantyhose Sniffers Hand Job

mp4 213.35 MB

HANDJOB + PANTYHOSE. Ruined orgasm at the end...I keep stroking while he begs me to stop...*smile*.
Length: 7 minutes

sis Owns You

mp4 285.12 MB

I catch you trying to sneak peeks at me in the tub...I decide to take advantage of your weakness, shame & perversion...I seem pretty cool at first, it seems fairly harmless, I seem so open-minded...a little teasing and soon you're being encouraged to jerk off looking at your own sisters hot, wet, soaped up body...I even tell you that if I turn around you can imagine for a moment that I'm not your careful though, just because I let you have an orgasm in front of me today doesn't mean that your life won't be a living hell from now on...blackmail and complete control over your life is now MINE.
Length: 9 minutes

London Slave: Humiliated

mp4 157.87 MB

While in London a real fan wanted to meet & worship me. Watch as I humiliate him to the point of (almost) tears. Why do I have to be SO mean? Because I can.
Length: 5 minutes

Superior White Goddess - Part 1

mp4 279.21 MB

WARNING: Potentially offensive terms. If you are not into interracial Domination with degradation than this is probably not for you. ~~~ A real fan, a non-white fan, came to Vancouver to serve me. He's a regular guy, just like you. He gets off on me teasing him & calling him names. He knows that his place is below me. He feels that I am superior to him because of my blue eyes, blond hair and ivory skin...and because of the power I have over him. Live vicariously through him as he gets to smell my pretty, petite, freshly pedicured feet. Can you imagine how it would feel to be this close to ME? To kneel before me, naked & exposed so close that you can feel my heat....
Length: 9 minutes