Candid Tiny Dick Story

wmv 201.4 MB

This is a unique clip that captures a real conversation about small penis's. I had friends over for drinks and the topic of small dick's came up. My girlfriend indicated she had some good stories about her experiences so I turned on the camera and recorded the conversation. She's a regular person who didn't want her image on the internet so you only see me and HEAR her telling the stories while the rest of us laugh and comment. (I will tell you she is super hot though and her current boyfriend has a huge cock.) Priceless small penis humiliation for those under-sized losers who wonder what girls REALLY say behind their backs.
Length: 5 minutes

Filthy Foot Piggy 1

wmv 119.31 MB

Dynamite public foot worship and humiliation. Watch me stomp around in the mud in my bare feet...then make my little foot piggy attempt to lick them clean. Dirt all over his face and a brown tongue: gross! All while people walk by and see him on his knees on the wet ground licking my filthy feet. Ha ha!
Length: 4 minutes

Gimp Sucks Cock

wmv 193.97 MB

It doesn't get any more real or thrilling than this. My girlfriend, lover and I take the gimp out to a leather gay bar and encourages him to suck a strangers cock in the filthy bar washroom. This is 100% real. The gimp is really my straight cuckold slave, the guy he sucks off is a random guy in the bar who saw "Cock Sucker" written on my gimp's chest and asked for a BJ. Humiliating, degrading encouraged bi.
Length: 6 minutes

Bitch Babysitter Slaps

wmv 143.45 MB

Hard face slapping and spitting PLUS a bonus SNOWBALLING scene! After the Bitch Babysitter spits her lovers cum into Little Johnny's mouth she straddles him and slaps the hell out of his face over and over while continuing to spit in his mouth, on his face and verbally degrade and bully him! This is the cruel extended ending you didn't see in Bitch Babysitter 2 edited specifically for face slapping fans.
Length: 4 minutes

Grunt Piggy

wmv 332.45 MB

Need a break from super serious Domination clips? Want to see something really FUN? How about watching two Goddess's compete to see how much cum water they can squirt into a slave's mouth with water guns? The naked slave (target) amuses Eden and I in a ridiculous get-up and grunting like a piggy. There's more laughs in this clip than the To-night Show! It starts off with a shoejob milking and orgasm to produce the cum to fill the water guns and then the GAMES begin.
Length: 9 minutes