Face Slapping

Degraded and Beat Up

mp4 204.74 MB

This is a candid scene which was supposed to be just shoe & foot worship...but while filming I discover something that made me very angry. Punishment is in order: face-slapping, gut punching and ball kicking...with a little spitting. Great verbal in this one too. Chills will go down your spine as you hear and see how I treat this (unlucky?) slave. For those who enjoy seeing the cruel side of me, get this.
Length: 7 minutes

FemDom Interrogation

mp4 277.31 MB

Bound naked by all four limbs AND your balls...kept hanging there...helpless & vulnerable. A sexy, sadistic interrogator who knows your weaknesses. Teasing you, stroking your cock, promising you a release you so desperately need & all you have to do is give her the information she wants. The cruelest interrogation. The biggest mind fuck. Teasing you with her body, stroking your horny cock with her leather gloved hand, tempting you...but you resist...even as she's wearing you down...you become so desperate you'd be willing to do anything...

Length: 9 minutes

Ballbusted Slapped Facesat & Beaten

mp4 235.41 MB

If you like the rough stuff, seeing a slave being abused, etc. you'll enjoy this. To make it even hotter, this vid was filmed by Ceara Lynch (she waves & teases you with her sexy mouth in the mirror a couple of times). Ceara & I had a lot of fun abusing & humiliating this real life fan. (NOTE: The pain was real...especially at the end when he's being punished for fucking up & he's begging me not to beat him with the crop & cane. He did not ask for it or want it. He buckles & goes down several times not being able to handle the pain...while Ceara & I laugh at him.) (Click to see more of Ceara Lynch)
Length: 8 minutes

Faceslapped, Ballbusted & Abused

mp4 205.93 MB

The beautiful & skilled Domina Snow joins me for some fun. Live vicariously through this lucky slave as we alternate between sensually teasing him & abusing him with vicious face slapping & ball busting. A little pain with pleasure. How much would you take just to be this close to us? (Click to go to Alexandra Snow's clips store)
Length: 7 minutes

Just Face Slapping!

mp4 90.69 MB

These are just the face slapping highlights from the longer vid: "Meeting Mistress T in Real Life". (HARD face slapping!)
Length: 3 minutes

Cruel Surprise Part 2 Cheating Girlfriend

wmv 335.76 MB

Now we get to the SURPRISE! Tied to a chair my very horny 'boyfriend' freaks out when I bring my lover out of the bathroom and break the news that I've been cheating on him. It takes some FACE SLAPPING, SPITTING and BALLBUSTING to bring him under control. I continue to fuck with his head by teasing him and making him think I'm going to kiss him, but instead I kiss my lover. I tease him making him think I'm going to give him a blow job, but then I blow my lover instead. I tell him that if he had been better in bed and had a bigger cock I wouldn't have cheated on him with his best friend, with other guys and now with this guy. I tell him I'm going to make him watch him fuck me so he can see what it looks like when I'm really being sexually satisfied. I want him to see how filled up my pussy looks when I'm getting fucked with a REAL cock. Great action. If you enjoy watching a guy REALLY suffer (who doesn't?) this contains very intense emotional/psychological abuse with physical abuse.
Length: 9 minutes

Cruel Cock Tease Part 3

wmv 467.33 MB

Honestly, one of the best clips I've ever produced...The dork I picked up in the first part of this series begged to see me again?! He said he couldn't get me off his mind and he would do anything if I would fuck him. ANYTHING? So I tease him while giving my boyfriend head, letting him get a good look, telling him to imagine it's his cock...then some hot fucking...all the while leading him on, making him think I'll fuck him if he agrees to do whatever I want. Eventually I convince him to let my boyfriend cum on his face...then I fuck him! In the ASS with a WINE BOTTLE!!! When he complains too much that it's not what he meant when he said he wanted me to 'fuck him' I slap him over and over again (real slapping, the guy actually broke. This will be the last face slapping scene you'll ever see him in. He's not really a 'slave' he's a normal guy who has a crush on me in real life.)
Length: 13 minutes

Bitch Babysitter Slaps

wmv 143.45 MB

Hard face slapping and spitting PLUS a bonus SNOWBALLING scene! After the Bitch Babysitter spits her lovers cum into Little Johnny's mouth she straddles him and slaps the hell out of his face over and over while continuing to spit in his mouth, on his face and verbally degrade and bully him! This is the cruel extended ending you didn't see in Bitch Babysitter 2 edited specifically for face slapping fans.
Length: 4 minutes

Multi-Goddess Slap Frenzy

wmv 150.29 MB

5 Goddess's, including T-Girl Mistress Z (www.MistressZ.com) take turns slapping this stupid slave. 2 of the ladies had never slapped anyone before! Seeing and hearing how excited they were to do this makes this clip even hotter. Various techniques used including me holding him in a head lock as JessikaXXX expertly slaps him senseless. A little spitting and boot worship complete this fantastic clip.