Teacher Humiliates You

mp4 216.64 MB

I've kept you after class to tell you that I noticed you playing with yourself while I was teaching today's lesson. I have a special punishment for little perverts. First I make you strip and stand naked in front of me (CFNM) which you find very humiliating. I point out how small your penis is which is even more humiliating (SPH). I make you put on slutty shoes, panties and a girly bra. I put lipstick & mascara on you then I take pictures. By now you are mortified but it's not over. I've tied you down and called your MILF in for a Parent/Teacher meeting. What is she going to think when she sees you dressed up like a sissy?
Length: 9 minutes

Leather Clad Handjob-CFNM

mp4 221.91 MB

If you like LEATHER & HANDJOBS, you'll like this vid. There is no talking or storyline. It is set to music, if you don't like the music, turn the volume off and/or play your own music. Lots of leather eye candy + a hot handjob. Also great for fans of CFNM (clothed female naked male).
Length: 7 minutes

Goddess Party 2017: Kink Extravaganza

mp4 823.81 MB

This is a very special vid. It combines a few of the hottest scenes of the last Goddess Party. Hot Encouraged Bi action, Strap-On AND the cum collection game (the slaves all raced to cum as quickly as possible, ejaculating into a glass...the last one, the loser, gets a cum facial with all the others jizz!)

Multiple Dominant women all using sub males for their kinky amusement. This is a must-have for any kinksters collection, especially lovers of CFNM (Clothed Female/Naked Male), public play/exhibitionism, women making guys suck dick, party scenario's...this is unique/rare stuff.

Party attended by: Samantha Mack (, Miss Jasmine (, Evilyn 13 ( & Skylar Heart (

Length: 20 minutes


Milk You Of Your Sins

mp4 401.91 MB

Custom vid, no name mentioned. With evangelical enthusiasm I guide all of you sinners to redemption while milking this sinner of his perversions. Only when he is empty will there be a space for our saviors love. I have received the message from our blessed Lord & he works through my hands to drain the sins from this sin make him clean again, to repent. Hallelujah!
Length: 13 minutes

CFNM Exposed And Tested

mp4 292.03 MB

CFNM: Clothed Female/Naked Male. It's exhilarating & hot being completely naked, vulnerable & exposed in front of a sexy, powerful, clothed give up be examined, tested, teased, kept on the edge & ultimately milked of every drop...
Length: 10 minutes

BBC Love - Interracial Handjob

mp4 257.28 MB

Do you love Big Black Cock? If so, than you'll want this vid. Lots of Small Penis Humiliation (for you). Especially if you have an inadequate white dicklet. You'll have to eat that superior black cum at the end too! (Cum Eating Instruction). CUCKOLDING fans will love this. CNFM: Clothed Female, Naked Male. It's a custom vid but you probably won't even notice I mention the guys name a few times.
Length: 9 minutes

MILF Plays with Sons Friend

mp4 319.17 MB

You are my boy, watching me play with your friend. How humiliating for you! You have a crush on your own hot MILF but your penis is too small for MILF. I enjoy exploring his big cock and talk about fucking him...imagine, being CUCKOLDED and HUMILIATED by your own MILF! When he cums you have to eat it all better get used to the taste as next time you'll be cleaning it out of MILF's pussy!
Length: 11 minutes

Ignored Hand Job

wmv 254.49 MB

This is a very simple vid where I read and ignore him while jerking (you get some great views of the underside of my shoes & can pretend that you're licking my shoes while I ignore you too). I don't even notice when he cums (cum shot all over my glove) and I keep on jerking as he squirms in discomfort (RUINED ORGASM?)...then you see a slight evil grin play across my lips as I sense his suffering but continue to ignore him... (No talking in this clip).
Length: 7 minutes

CFNM Masturbation Instruction

wmv 305.89 MB

Nothing too off-the-wall here. Just a very well done, high quality CFNM jerk off instruction. Follow along with my instructions and actions and see if you can cum exactly when I tell you to. (Ending spoiler: the cock I'm jerking cums EXACTLY as I say 'one'.)
Length: 8 minutes

Grunt Piggy

wmv 332.45 MB

Need a break from super serious Domination clips? Want to see something really FUN? How about watching two Goddess's compete to see how much cum water they can squirt into a slave's mouth with water guns? The naked slave (target) amuses Eden and I in a ridiculous get-up and grunting like a piggy. There's more laughs in this clip than the To-night Show! It starts off with a shoejob milking and orgasm to produce the cum to fill the water guns and then the GAMES begin.
Length: 9 minutes