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New Hubby Becomes Cuckold

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An amazing cuckold scene with everything that you love! CREAMPIE CLEANUP + ENCOURAGED BI COCKSUCKING and lots of hot fucking while humiliating & abusing my cuckold!
Length: 19 minutes

Two New Sex Slaves

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Two new sex slaves have arrived at the compound. 1 younger with potential & 1 more experienced. I inspect & then test them out. The younger one has a nice mouth for oral worship but lacks orgasm control and has to keep stopping to prevent himself from cumming. I verbally humiliate him for it and punish him by having him suck the other ones cock. The younger one does have a nice mouth after all. I enjoy a thorough fucking by the more experienced one. When I've been satisfied...I have the younger one suck off the mature one & hold his cum on his tongue while I stroke him off with my leather gloved hand. He ejaculates tasting the other ones cum, then licks his own cum off the floor. NOTE: This is my 1st time having intercourse with 2 males in the same scene. It also features amazing ENCOURAGED BI!
Length: 19 minutes

Honeymoon Cuckolding

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It's our wedding night & you think we're finally going to have sex. Not only will I not be fucking your inadequate penis I break the news that I've been fucking your best friend, the best man at our wedding! I bring him in & start your training as my new cuckold hubby. You'll need to fluff his cock for me, I want your mouth stretched so you understand how much better a big cock must feel in my pussy. You'll watch me get fucked properly, you'll get a very good view from beneath me & feel my body getting pleasured as I objectify you as a mattress...the first time you taste my pussy is on your best friends cock! You'll have to clean up all his messy cum from my pussy too...CREAM PIE clean up is the only time you'll lick my pussy...& after all of that, as the brainwashing begins, I make you cum with the taste of your best man's spunk still in your mouth...& you'll eat all of your own cum too...
Length: 25 minutes

Cock Sucking Punishment For Prisoner

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Hard-core, humiliating encouraged bi. I'm your prison warden from hell. For committing sexual crimes against women you'll be given a taste of your own medicine in MY prison. You'll be violated, degraded & abused. When I send you out in that prison yard with cum all over your face everyone will know that you're the new prison bitch.
Length: 10 minutes