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Cuckold Impregnation Fantasy

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To my cuckold: "I think you'd make a great Pa but I don't want to have sex with you & I don't think you should pass on your inadequate I'm going to fuck an alpha male & get pregnant by him. You can watch while I get bred."Nice CREAMPIE at the end!
Length: 14 minutes

New Hubby Becomes Cuckold

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An amazing cuckold scene with everything that you love! CREAMPIE CLEANUP + ENCOURAGED BI COCKSUCKING and lots of hot fucking while humiliating & abusing my cuckold!
Length: 19 minutes

I Cheated On You

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I am your wife. Just a regular woman. Not overly Dominant or cruel. Just a nice, loving wife who has sweetly indulged some of your kinks like sitting on your face or letting you wear panties. "I have a confession to make. I feel really bad about it: I cheated on you. I'm really sorry. I still love you & want to stay married to you....but I want to keep fucking him too..." This is a very realistic scenario where I tell you about what I've been doing & gently try to introduce you to the idea of being a cuckold. Any humiliation you feel is natural but I am not trying to make you feel humiliated. (This is a custom vid with no name mentioned.)
Length: 9 minutes

Thick Cock For Your Wife

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Watch carefully my cuckold hubby. Watch me getting pleased by a real man, one with a BIG, THICK COCK & a fit body. He's a total stud, cumming, staying hard & fucking me again. First he cums in the condom while fucking me doggy style & you have to suck the cum out, then he cums on my tummy where you have to clean it off. (2 cum shots, 2 CUM EATING INSTRUCTIONS) This is all a part of your new reality as my cuckold & your training to become the perfect cuckold for me.
Length: 12 minutes

Watch Your Wife Cum 2

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"Dear Hubby: like it or not, you're a cuckold. I made this little vid to introduce you slowly to the idea of your new reality. My stud lover is going to finger fuck me & give me an orgasm. I want you to see another man pleasing me in ways that you can't." Note: I created this vid to have a very raw, amateur feel, to make it more realistic than a polished, professional vid with studio lighting, etc. I have a 100% REAL ORGASM (not a fake porn-style orgasm).
Length: 6 minutes