Corporal Punishment

Ballbusted Beaten Ass Fucked

mp4 481.11 MB

Sometimes slaves need to be punished. A strict, mature Dominatrix knows how to control her pets.

Length:16 minutes

Corporal Punishment For Pervert

mp4 198.22 MB

A little bit of pain is my pleasure.

Length: 10 minutes

Prisoners Punishing BallBusting

mp4 239.38 MB

Garden Punishment

mp4 282.91 MB

This poor sap probably burned my toast or something unforgivable... I'm guessing I could write anything here. I figure if a guy is into CP/seeing a Dominant woman beat a slave with various implements it doesn't really matter if there is a story line etc.
Length: 9 minutes

The Cane For Punishment

mp4 217.12 MB

For those of you who forgot that I'm a Dominatrix & not just a porn's a reminder. Step out of line & you'll be next.
Length: 7 minutes

Cock Sucking Punishment For Prisoner

mp4 304.57 MB

Hard-core, humiliating encouraged bi. I'm your prison warden from hell. For committing sexual crimes against women you'll be given a taste of your own medicine in MY prison. You'll be violated, degraded & abused. When I send you out in that prison yard with cum all over your face everyone will know that you're the new prison bitch.
Length: 10 minutes

Harsh Punishment

mp4 193.64 MB

It's called Corporal PUNISHMENT for a reason. This slave flew from Toronto to Vegas to serve me & several other Goddess's for a few days. He wanted to be trained. When he made a rather significant mistake he needed to be punished to ensure he learned his lesson. This is 100% REAL punishment, very cruel & severe. Check out his blog about his experience:
Length: 6 minutes

Hamburger Ass

wmv 366.65 MB

This unfortunate worm emailed begging to eat my caviar. A special treat that needs to be earned. He will have to show me he can take a good beating first. He won't be able to sit for days after I turn his ass into hamburger. Whipping, canning, paddling with sensual and sadistic elements. Highlights: breaking a cane on his ass, close-ups of his ass cheek quivering involuntarily and the eventual end when I can see I've started to break his skin. Make-up is not used to fake the marks and the HD video shows the welts/bruising better than the pic you see here. This is very real, hard core corporal.