Legs & Shoes

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Custom: I'm your boss & I've figured out you have a fetish for shoes & legs. You're always staring at my legs & shoes...& I noticed that the shoes I keep in my office have been moved. I assume you've been perrving them. I punish you by making you jerk off in front of me while I show off my shoe collection. I keep counting down making you think I'll let you cum & then stopping & starting over...telling you that if you cum without permission you'll be fired. I eventually let you cum but only if you cum on my legs & shoes & lick them clean...
Length: 14 minutes

Office Humiliating Discipline

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This stupid employee gets caught using the companies computer to surf porn on company time...& jerking off in the washroom during work hours. Not only that, the type of women he's been looking at on porn sites closely resemble his boss revealing that he has a secret crush on her. She uses this information to completely humiliate, degrade & objectify him. She exploits his weaknesses, teases him with her sexy body telling him he'll never know how it feels to fuck her...she makes fun of his small, worthless penis...& threatens that the next offense will result in public humiliation in front of all the women in the office! He'll be a model employee from now on, no doubt!
Length: 12 minutes