Lexi's Pussy Cleaner

mp4 147.48 MB

After a night of debauchery with Lexi Sindel we return to her place...how nice that she has a well trained pussy cleaner at the ready! After a night of fucking it's wonderful to have a thorough pussy cleaning to get all the cum sucked & licked out. Lexi & I chat about some of the hot highlights of the evening while mostly ignoring and objectifying the pussy cleaner...
Length: 5 minutes

Shiny Ass Facesit

mp4 151.58 MB

Facesitting...wearing shiny liquid leggings.
Length: 5 minutes

New Sex Toy - Sex Robot

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I've just received a new sex toy. It has a life-like penis and mouth. Although it's a new design and somewhat tricky to figure out at first I have fun playing with it. The mouth part is especially good. I like the idea of having all the best features of a man without the hassles they normally come with. An object I can use for my pleasure without any regard for IT.
Length: 8 minutes

Milked Like A Cow

mp4 259.73 MB

Objectified. Just a fucking sperm cow. I will milk you & milk you until your balls cry for mercy. After you feel empty, after you feel like you can't take anymore, you will give me more. You won't have any choice...
Length: 9 minutes

Objectified Foot Bitch

mp4 146.18 MB

Sometimes it's the quiet moments that are the most sensual. In reality, if you served me we would have a lot of intimate moments like this...where you could give in to being an object. Just a warm, comfortable place for me to sit...cleaning & worshiping my petite, delicate feet with your warm, wet tongue...
Length: 5 minutes

Just a Pup To Me

mp4 136.78 MB

I keep this slave like a pet...caged up, bound, humiliated. He can only communicate with me in sounds not words. He must act in every way like my pup...because he's not even a man to me. Objectification & humiliation to the extreme. I bring him out of his cage to get me warmed up for my date. Degrading him makes my pussy so wet. I make him lick me through the latex of my pants. I can feel his hot mouth so close, desperate for a taste, but denied. I make him lick my breasts & nipples...when I've had my fun with him & he's also aroused but frustrated I put him back in his cage while I go out to make love to a real man... (Click to see more Puppy Vids)
Length: 4 minutes

Office Humiliating Discipline

mp4 347.41 MB

This stupid employee gets caught using the companies computer to surf porn on company time...& jerking off in the washroom during work hours. Not only that, the type of women he's been looking at on porn sites closely resemble his boss revealing that he has a secret crush on her. She uses this information to completely humiliate, degrade & objectify him. She exploits his weaknesses, teases him with her sexy body telling him he'll never know how it feels to fuck her...she makes fun of his small, worthless penis...& threatens that the next offense will result in public humiliation in front of all the women in the office! He'll be a model employee from now on, no doubt!
Length: 12 minutes

Facesitting Fiesta

mp4 173.95 MB

True story: The girls & I were getting ready to go to a fetish party. A fan generously offered his face for our amusement. He was a good sport, taking a punishing 3 girl pile up and some very brutal, prolonged facesitting from each of us. Latex facesitting too. All of us love facesitting and have done lots of it. Having a slave to torment added to the evenings festivities. Featuring Goddess Samantha, Miss Jasmine & Ariel Black.
Length: 6 minutes