Earn Your Orgasm 2

mp4 470.54 MB

The 1st 'Earn Your Orgasm' was immensely popular (it ranked very high for a long time on clips4sale's top 50) so I know there's a lot of you reading this who already know what this clip is about. If you loved the last one, you'll love this one. If you don't know what it's about, I'll leave a little mystery and just say that it is interactive & you'll have to do a few things to see more of me & to eventually be given permission to cum. Sensual teasing & mind fucking!
Length: 16 minutes

Tease & Denial Torment

mp4 245.7 MB

Who doesn't like being teased to the point of near insanity? You might need to be committed after enduring this extreme clip where I make you imagine that my pink dildo is you...your mouth (on my pussy), your cock (IN my mouth & pussy). I create images that will burn in your memory and haunt you. I guide you to stroke yourself along with me. You'll become entranced and get yourself to the edge over and over until the end where I deny you your release. I do so love to see you suffer!
Length: 9 minutes

Office Humiliating Discipline

mp4 347.41 MB

This stupid employee gets caught using the companies computer to surf porn on company time...& jerking off in the washroom during work hours. Not only that, the type of women he's been looking at on porn sites closely resemble his boss revealing that he has a secret crush on her. She uses this information to completely humiliate, degrade & objectify him. She exploits his weaknesses, teases him with her sexy body telling him he'll never know how it feels to fuck her...she makes fun of his small, worthless penis...& threatens that the next offense will result in public humiliation in front of all the women in the office! He'll be a model employee from now on, no doubt!
Length: 12 minutes

Sensual Tease & Denial

mp4 526.93 MB

How long do you think you could handle being teased & denied by me? This was the 18 minute climax from an all day tease & denial session. We went lingerie shopping & fetish clothing shopping all day in Paris. We shared glasses of wine & I flirted, keeping him hard and on edge all day. At the end of the night you'll see me fucking with his head and enjoying driving him crazy...
Length: 18 minutes

Reformed Pervert?

mp4 104.88 MB

You've been in rehabilitation for sex addiction and it's time for your parole interview. I will be assessing you to see if you are ready to enter regular society again. (NOTE: This vid is a mind-fuck vid where nearly subliminal images will slowly breakdown your willpower. Seeing me as a strict, professional, conservative, powerful woman who holds your future in my hands...but also as an incredibly lustful, nude sex vixen will do your head in.)
Length: 6 minutes