Superheroine or Supervillian?

mp4 151.3 MB

Sometimes the battle between good & evil is unclear. Sometimes knowing everything means knowing too much...and sometimes the lines between fantasy & reality become blurred...
Length: 5 minutes

Red Shiny Pants

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Go ahead, stare at my ass. As if you could look away! You'll be entranced as I give you an eye full and guide you in a MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION that will blow your mind.
Length: 10 minutes

Cum For Your Goddess

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Treat yourself to a visual and aural feast. You will feel your submission deepen as I appear to you in this video as a true un-worldly Goddess. An angel. A super hero. A vision of inhuman perfection. Almost hypnotically I guide you to serve me, intensely, powerfully, using my feminine beauty and silky words to bring you closer and closer to orgasm...
Length: 8 minutes