shoe dangling

Seduced and Trapped

mp4 303.54 MB

You have broken into my home to rob me. You need the combination to my safe. I calmly & slowly seduce you with my feet. I encourage you to lick them while you jerk off. My voice is so soothing you can't resist. After you cum things start to feel a little woozy... (This is a MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION with FOOT WORSHIP...with a good story line,)
Length: 10 minutes

Dangling Jerk Off Instruction

wmv 268.61 MB

This is a sassy school girl clip featuring a lot of shoe dangling, teasing and jerk off instruction. I catch you perving on my dangling and decide to toy with you. I tell you that I'm going to come to school every day from now on and make you milk yourself while I tease you with my sexy shoes. Whether your weakness is for bratty school girls controlling you or shoes/dangling, this clip will cause you to empty your balls over and over again.
Length: 7 minutes