Leg Worship

Latex Leg Fucker 2

mp4 198.15 MB

If you didn't love the first one so much I wouldn't have made another one...this one is even better! Great for latex/rubber fans...leg-fucking/thigh fucking fans...or whatever kinky stuff you're into. Cum eating finish...yes, even cum eating off of my $1000+ designer shoes.
Length: 7 minutes

Foot Jobs Drive You Crazy

mp4 190.46 MB

Super sexy footjob!
Length: 6 minutes

Black Slave Serves Bitch Owner

mp4 299.04 MB

The Boss Lady is auditioning a field slave to see if he's suitable for "the big house". She's heard he's a good breeder. She wants to see how large his cock gets fully erect & how much he ejaculates. She orders him to lick her feet & legs to test his oral skills then instructs him to ejaculate on her feet to see if he can cum on command. She then has him clean his cum off her feet. WARNING: This vid contains frequent "N" bombs. This is a FANTASY about a Dominant white female plantation owner using male slaves as sex servants.
Length: 10 minutes

Leg Fucker Devotion - Boot Humping

mp4 246.91 MB

This is a custom vid with no name mentioned. It's all about boot fucking/leg humping. Patent leather, thigh high boots with side lacing & silver stiletto heels. The slave is so horny & devoted to me that he'll cum in any way I want...& he cums pumping his cock between my boot-clad legs. (There is a little ass/pussy worship. Seductive FemDom, no humiliation.)
Length: 8 minutes

Nylon Fantasy With Real Fan

mp4 312.21 MB

A real fan gets to be my plaything for an afternoon. I exploit his fetish for nylons/pantyhose/stockings as I toy with him & eventually extract his cum. --- You dream about meeting me in person. You ache to be serve me in real life. You may think it's impossible...but it's actually VERY possible. This guy is a real fan who came to Vancouver on business & volunteered to be in one of my vids. He did everything right: he sent a polite application with pics & a list of what he would be willing to do on film....he also sent me presents from my Amazon Wish List to butter me up. Good behavior gets rewarded!
Length: 10 minutes

Leg and Ass Worship

wmv 230.72 MB

So, you're a leg man? A woman crossing and uncrossing her legs makes you hard. This clip is for you. 6 solid minutes of pure leg and ass worship. Beautiful camera angles, an oil rub down: heaven.
Length: 2 minutes