Super Pussy

mp4 242.56 MB

You've been captured by a sexy Super Villain. You are incapacitated but your mouth still works and she plans to put your tongue to work orally worshiping her. You better do a perfect job: your life depends on it!
Length: 9 minutes

Milking His Super Powers

mp4 267.46 MB

An evil villaness steals your super powers by milking you. You can not resist her seduction & skilled leather-gloved grip. You are no match for her, so give into it & enjoy...soon you'll be serving her in every way....*insert evil laughter here*

Length: 10 minutes

Jerk It for Your Fetish Goddess

wmv 193.52 MB

Skin tight, shiny, sexy rubber & latex. How long do you think you'd last in my presence? You've got 5 minutes. Follow my instructions, milk yourself for me...then do it again...and again... (Comic book dorks will should enjoy this too.)
Length: 5 minutes