oral worship

Slave Girl Audition (Part 3): Oral Service

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After seeing what an efficient job the sub girl did on my boots I decide to try out her oral skills on my pussy & ass. This is a fucking hot vid! Kinky dirty slave girl: Amica Bentley here. A big thank you to Sidonia Von Bork of The English Mansion for gifting me the slave girl and for filming this scene! (You'll find me on The English Mansion!)
Length: 8 minutes

Hot Night For Cuckold

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This vid is filmed POV style with a lot of interaction between you & I. You are my cuckold husband. While I get ready for my lovers arrival I tell you what is going to happen. You watch me shower/shave my pussy, brush my hair & put on lipstick. Then we have a moment alone while I'm all dressed up for him. I'm wearing beautiful boots you've bought for me and I'll allow you to worship them while I fuck my lover. You then watch while I get fucked properly by a real man with a cock so much bigger than yours. At the end, of course it's time for you to do clean up duty. First the messy creampie/my cum-filled well-fucked pussy AND you'll also be expected to clean my lovers cock while he laughs at you. CUKOLDING + HUMILIATION + CREAMPIE + ENCOURAGED BI + CUM EATING INSTRUCTION + HOT WIVES + BOOT WORSHIP + LIPSTICK + FUCKING. --------------- Be my cuckold/film slave in the next 2 weeks in LONDON. Limited private sessions also available. Cuckolding & other activities: MsT@MistressT.net
Length: 16 minutes

Oral Training From MILF

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I learned that you've been bullied at school & I ask what it was about. I finally draw it out of you that the boys from gym class were making fun of your penis size. I ask you to pull it out so I can examine it. It is small but I wonder if it's maybe a grower so I ask you to make it erect for me. I give you some eye candy to help you along. Fully erect it's still disappointing. I realize you're going to have to learn good oral skills to please a woman & proceed to instruct you in oral worship and allow you to have an orgasm to make the whole experience less stressful. *Light small penis humiliation* by loving but strict MILF.
Length: 11 minutes

Prisoners Pussy Licking Duty

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In MY prison inmates do as I instruct them to or they get severely punished. This new prisoner will start out with oral service duties. If he performs well he won't be punished.
Length: 8 minutes

Incredibly Cruel Small Penis Humiliation

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The legendary Sidonia Von Bork of The English Mansion teams up with me to thoroughly humiliate you for your penis's inadequacies. The first part is POV, just us speaking to you, degrading you, explaining how useless & disappointing your little cocklet is...then we make you watch us enjoy another slave with a thicker, nicer cock. You get to see what you can't have, what you'll never have.......... (Click to see more of Sidonia Von Bork of The English Mansion)
Length: 5 minutes

Super Pussy

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You've been captured by a sexy Super Villain. You are incapacitated but your mouth still works and she plans to put your tongue to work orally worshiping her. You better do a perfect job: your life depends on it!
Length: 9 minutes