Tight Jeans

Ass In Tight Jeans

wmv 189.78 MB

You have a weakness for a nice, round, juicy ass in skin tight jeans, don't you? Do crave to be my faceseat cushion? To feel that denim against your face, my weight on your face? The feeling of the denim against your lips as you kiss my ass...the feeling of denim on your nose as you try to sniff my ass and pussy through the crotch...This somewhat interactive clip will have you stroking and begging in no time...
Length: 5 minutes

Jeans Addict

wmv 208.74 MB

Oh-my-god...yes, it's true. An entire clip, a whole 6 minutes just for your fetish. My juicy ass in skin tight designer jeans. Bending over, peeling them down and back up again, squeezing my ass, showing you my ass crack...teasing you, exploiting your weakness. Let's go Jeans Addict, see how long you can last. (PS: Check out the new sofa my slave bought me...just for making this simple clip for him!)
Length: 6 minutes

Clip For Addicted Losers

wmv 282.76 MB

If you enjoy being abused and degraded, you'll jerk your dink raw. Features some jean ass worship POV's, some great foot POV's (GREEN NAIL POLISH for that annoying guy who sent over a dozen emails begging for it) and a masturbation instruction, sort of *rolling eyes*.
Length: 8 minutes