Corporate Monster Cock

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You accidentally walk in the company washroom & see me standing at the toilet with my cock out. The secret is out now. You can't help but notice my huge bazooka. My tree trunk. I explain to you that THIS is why I'm the #1 star at the company. The reason why I'm called in to close all the big deals the juniors can't is the huge bulge in my pants. Guys see it & get intimidated, they'll do whatever I say. Now you'll get down on your knees & worship my cock, the monster cock that keeps this company running that gives you a job. You'll suck that cock until it shoots loads of hot cum down the back of your throat...
Length: 11 minutes

Tranny FemDom Cuckolding

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A twisted cuckolding scene with a sissy cuckold & gorgeous T-Girl 'bull' with a nice thick cock!
Note: This vid has one of the best creampie's I've ever done. If you like cum dripping pussy the ending alone is worth it.
Length: 13 minutes

MILF's Special Sissy

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"I always wanted a girl!" ...We can't have the other students at school figuring out what you have under your skirt so MILF will just make sure we get rid of that stiffy before you go to school.
Length: 10 minutes