office fantasy

Corporate Monster Cock

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You accidentally walk in the company washroom & see me standing at the toilet with my cock out. The secret is out now. You can't help but notice my huge bazooka. My tree trunk. I explain to you that THIS is why I'm the #1 star at the company. The reason why I'm called in to close all the big deals the juniors can't is the huge bulge in my pants. Guys see it & get intimidated, they'll do whatever I say. Now you'll get down on your knees & worship my cock, the monster cock that keeps this company running that gives you a job. You'll suck that cock until it shoots loads of hot cum down the back of your throat...
Length: 11 minutes

Boss Boob Addiction

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You can't stop staring at my cleavage at work. You're obsessed. Before firing you I decide to give you one more chance. I tease you with my breasts & make you jerk off in front of me, both humiliating you & hopefully satisfying your curiosity about my boobs so you can focus on your work. (Custom vid, no name mentioned).
Length: 10 minutes

Controlling Your Dick

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SEXY JERK OFF INSTRUCTION. *Another custom for Josh. I say his name in this clip.* That's great news if your name is Josh, if not, you can just ignore it. In this clip I am your boss who has discovered a new way to control your male urges & keep you focused. I will be locking a chastity device called 'Kali's Teeth' on your cock. The little sharp teeth on the inside of it will cause you a great deal of pain when you get erect. I will allow you one last enjoyable orgasm before locking on the device. I give you lots of eye candy & guide you to a powerful climax...your last one!
Length: 13 minutes