Sissy In Pink Gets Cock Trained

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A giant black cock. A sissy who is ready to be the slut she's always known deep down she is.

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High Class Sissy Trained

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Not all sissy sluts are dirty little cum dumpsters. Some aspire to serve in a more refined setting. Finding the delicate balance between trashy and tasteful can take some training. This lucky sissy learns how to walk smoothly in high heels while carrying a serving tray. Then she practices her cock sucking skills while getting fucked in the ass with a huge cock. It's important for her to be able to multi-task well and continue to keep her poise and technique.

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Sissy Slut Takes Huge Cock Ass To Mouth

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Sissy sluts need a lot of training. If they are to take any size cock in their mouth & ass, they need to practice. They also need to get used to eating cum & going ass-to-mouth.

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Turning You Into My Cheap Whore

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Custom vid, the name "Peter" used throughout.

I humiliate you because I have finally succeeded in turning you into a dumb sissy whore. I have used p0pprs and hormones to make you impotent. Your penis has shrunk and it does not even get hard. You will never be able to satisfy a woman.

I will keep you in chastity and pimp you out. You'll take any dick in ur ass or mouth & be a cum guzzling slut. You will be the cheapest whore in town. I might even decide to let DAWG$ fuck you for my entertainment.


Sissy Training Cock Loving

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It's time for your training sissy! I've picked out some nice stockings for you to put on. I know you love the feeling of hosiery. It's all a part of your feminization. To be a proper sissy you're going to have to love to suck cock. Today I want you to just watch me stroke that beautiful cock while I tell you the things I'll eventually have you do. I'll ask you to imagine sucking my cunt juices off that gorgeous cock...soon you'll be salivating & begging to have that cock in your slut mouth...

Big Kinky Ass Fuck

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Watch this bound sissy slut take my big black cock.

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Sissy Slut Cums While Sucking Cock

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My sissy slut is being trained to LOVE sucking cock. Part of the brain washing is making her have an orgasm with a cock in her mouth. This is her FIRST TIME cumming while sucking dick! She's not a pro yet as she'll need to learn to suck cock proficiently even when sexually excited. Practice, practice!

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You Are A Sissy Cocksucker!

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Custom vid, no name mentioned. Face it, this is what you were born to do. You need to suck cock. Not only that, you need to get dressed up like a sissy & suck cock. I want you to get all dolled up, put on something that makes you feel sexy, do your make-up, maybe put on a wig & go to a bar or club that is TGirl friendly. I want you to seduce a man or allow yourself to be seduced. I'll show you how to use your body language in a feminine, sensual way. I'll walk you through enticing a man...then I'll instruct you on how to give a really good blow job. You're going to be a good sissy whore for me.
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Fucking Machine Milking

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A slave needs to be completely broken down before he can be molded into my perfect servant. This sissy slut is getting ass fucked relentlessly by a fucking machine while I brain wash 'it'. Imagine being bound & helpless, your ass getting pummeled, me sitting on your face & getting milked over & over...
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Turning Hubby Into A Sissy - Part 2

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...after convincing my husband to cross dress for me I get out my strap-on & start training him to be a sissy slut. I'll be pimping him out so he needs to learn to suck cock & take it in the ass like a champ.
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