abandoned orgasm

Ruin Your Orgasm After Chastity Release

mp4 371.31 MB

Custom vid, no name mentioned. This is a MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION with guided ABANDONED ORGASM for CHASTITY slaves. Storyline: You've been kept in chastity for awhile & it's time for your much-anticipated "release". I unlock you from your cage and start to encourage you to masturbate. I let you get close to cumming then reveal that I've discovered you've been stealing my panties. For punishment I make you abandon your orgasm causing you much frustration before locking you up again for a prolonged length of time.
Length: 12 minutes

Ruin Your Orgasm With Me

mp4 350.52 MB

This is an interactive vid where I coach you to ruin your own orgasm through ABANDONMENT. As soon as you start to ejaculate I want you to remove your hand and abandon your orgasm. Don't keep stroking to enjoy your whole orgasm. I demonstrate it twice in this vid, yes, that's right, I abandon/ruin his orgasm TWICE. Then I demonstrate post-cum-torture by stroking is sensitive cock vigorously (which you are welcome to do as well.) Let's face it, you deserve to suffer & I will guide you through suffering for me...imagining that it's me doing it to you.
Length: 12 minutes

Long Build Up Ruined

mp4 367.08 MB

Lots of sensual teasing...face sitting...& torment in bondage...a hot FemDom hand job scene with an abandoned ruined orgasm at the end. Poor boy! Ha ha
Length: 12 minutes

Ruined, Denied & Ruined AGAIN

mp4 413.24 MB

This vid is intense! The slave gets double teamed by the bombshell Nikki Whiplash & I...he's edged & teased...brought to the edge of orgasm over & over...as he starts to ejaculate I ruin his orgasm (hard ball slapping)...then bring him right to the brink & DENY him...then I work him up again just to ruin his orgasm AGAIN! (Click to see more of Nikki Whiplash) I will be taking private & filmed sessions solo or with Mistress Whiplash at her dungeon in Hammersmith, UK Oct 20-23, 2012. Read this before emailing: (Click to see my blog entry about my UK trip)
Length: 14 minutes