Auntie Trains You

mp4 270.07 MB

MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION + OLDER WOMAN / YOUNGER MAN + Fam FANTASIES + SEX ED + CUM EATING INSTRUCTION + GLOVE FETISH + FOOT SNIFFING/WORSHIP. Auntie guides you to get rid of that naughty erection before your MILF gets home....
Length: 9 minutes

Green Leather Gloves

mp4 166.48 MB

Sensual HANDJOB + LEATHER GLOVE FETISH. That's it. No crazy story line. Just a nice, simple, sexy HJ.
Length: 6 minutes

Ruin Your Orgasm For Me

mp4 216.39 MB

This is an interactive, sexy FemDom MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION with a twist. At the end I expect you to keep going, keep stroking your sensitive cock after you've ejaculated and RUIN YOUR ORGASM for my amusement. I will be looking you right in the eye, instructing you, watching you...and you WILL do exactly as I command. (LATEX dress, corset, LATEX GLOVES + ASS WORSHIP + COUNTDOWN)
Length: 7 minutes

Glove Addict

mp4 167.77 MB

There's just something about leather gloves...You're addicted my dear, you need this fix...(GLOVE FETISH + LEATHER + MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION / JERK OFF INSTRUCTION + DOMINANT BITCH)
Length: 6 minutes

Sex Slave Training-Part 1

mp4 356.33 MB

Part 1 is a complete scene, different from Part 2. You can enjoy Part 1 completely on its own. Sex training & orgasm control for a hot, younger slave who struggles with cumming too quickly. Sensually Dominant FemDom sex.
Length: 12 minutes

Face Fucked and Denied

mp4 303.89 MB

Being truly submissive means learning to always put my needs & wants before yours. Certainly, my orgasms are more important than yours. Today you will get pleasure from my pleasure as I cum using your face to stimulate me....knowing that the smell of my sweet pussy drives you crazy...your moans heightening my pleasure...
Length: 10 minutes

Mesmerized And Seduced By Gloves

mp4 280.06 MB

You love leather gloves...sink deeper into your addiction, give into it...stroke your dick along with my sensual instructions...
Length: 9 minutes

Leather Gloves

mp4 308.7 MB

A sensual, commanding jerk off instruction for fans of leather gloves...
Length: 10 minutes

He Will Cheat

mp4 297.5 MB

You want to be loyal to your wife but you also need to give up control to a Dominant woman. Finally you decide to book a date with a Dominatrix. You figure if you don't engage in sexual activities & if you don't ejaculate it's not really cheating. Just a little bondage & pain play. Just have a strong woman make the decisions for a little while & tell you what to do. Unfortunately a Dominant woman will do what she wants & once locked down in bondage you no longer have any control. She decides to take her pleasure & enjoy your nice thick cock...laughing at how she'll send you home to your wife with the smell of another woman on your cock. To seal the deal she milks you of your dignity & cum... showing you what a very weak man you actually are.
Length: 11 minutes

Mesmerized By Latex

mp4 441.3 MB

I decide to test out my new adult Vegas show on you. I put you into a very deep, relaxed state, susceptible to are mesmerized by my rubber dress & my latex clad hips & ass sway you go deeper as I guide you in a sensual MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION. I tell you that you can cum on one condition...but won't tell you that condition until after you've ejaculated. It's an erotic mind fuck & you'll do anything to cum...
Length: 15 minutes