Strap on

Sissy Slut Takes Huge Cock Ass To Mouth

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Sissy sluts need a lot of training. If they are to take any size cock in their mouth & ass, they need to practice. They also need to get used to eating cum & going ass-to-mouth.

Length:13 minutes

Trained To Be A Gay Whore

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I'm going to get that ass of yours worked in & ready to be used to make me money. You're going to learn to service cock, to be a cum dumpster, a hole for rent.

Length: 10 minutes

Trained To Be Pimped

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This bottom bitch needs to be prepped for serving as my fag whore. I'll be pimping out his slut hole & making money off of him. He's just a thing, a cum-dumpster, an object. Just a fucking hole to be used.
Length: 14 minutes

Double Strap-On with Nikki Whiplash!

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Oh boy, this is a heavy scene. Mistress Nikki Whiplash & I really give this little bitch a working over. He gets pounded by both of our big cocks, sucks them, goes ass-to-mouth & who knows what the hell else? It's a hardcore, messy scene. Enjoy! (To see more of Nikki Whiplash:
Length: 11 minutes

Sissy Ass-Fucking Cock-Sucking Training

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This cross-dressed sissy gets some lessons on cock sucking as well as getting 'her' ass stretched and broken in. I'll be pimping 'her' out so I need ensure she won't disappoint me.
Length: 9 minutes

Huge Strapon Suck n Ass Fuck

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By far the BIGGEST strap-on dong I've ever shoved into a slave's mouth & ass. If you like HUGE INSERTIONS this is a must-have. He's such a slut he takes it really well...even cumming with my monster cock stretching & ruining his asshole....then he goes ASS-To-MOUTH sucking his cum & ass juice off it! AMAZING scene....& interracial on top of that!
Length: 15 minutes

Cum After Ass Fucking

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I tease a horny slave with blue balls...I tell him that I'll let him cum AFTER he takes a good ass fucking from his state he would do anything I'd tell him to...
Length: 13 minutes

Ass Fucker

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Get your toys out (or at least a finger!) & fuck your own ass making this a more intense interactive vid! Imagine that it's my lady cock pushing into you, stretching & filling you. Jerk your dick & drain yourself, feeling violated by me.
Length: 9 minutes

Cocksucking ATM Cum Eating Training

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ATM=Ass-To-Mouth, as in taking the strap-on cock out of his ass & making him suck it. That's just part of training to turn him into the whore I want him to be. He also has to learn to eat cum so I make him ejaculate on the strap-on dick & eat it off. He actually does a satisfactory job. He's a natural slut.
Length: 9 minutes

Teachers Massive Dong

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(Custom vid, no name mentioned) You've been caught texting in class with one of your pals about the bulge in your teachers crotch. You're kept after class for punishment & your teacher reveals that her bulge is indeed very real, a huge cock! You're mesmerized by it as she strokes it powerfully & tells you to worship it. She makes you wank your little willy to it then shows you what a real cock looks like when it cums!
Length: 11 minutes