Slave Husband Training

mp4 426.17 MB

Custom vid for Alan (I use his name in the vid). Outline he requested: "You are my wife who has had enough with my pornography addiction, and has decided to to turn the relationship into a Female-Led Marriage with Gynarchy as the belief. You are letting me know what my future will encounter with views of enforced chastity, orgasms for me would be from pegging where you were a feeldoe style strap-on and of course you like to have lots of sex. As the leader in the relationship and to deal with the fact I get excited over interracial sex, regular sex for you is with the black stud of your choice whenever your desire it. The long term goal of course is for me to raise multiple black children and work hard to support the family and be a house husband with a large paycheck." *This includes a MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION with cum countdown & a feeldo (like a strap-on dick but pat of it also goes inside the pussy for her pleasure)*

Length: 14 minutes

If You Were My Slave

mp4 495.84 MB

Custom vid for Ryan, his name is used throughout. This is an interactive scene! I tell you exactly what you would be put through if you were ever lucky enough to be me slave. I would kick you in the balls, fuck you with a strap on and lock you in chastity. I would make you suck cock for me, even if you didn't want to. You're instructed to SMACK yourself in the balls every time I (randomly) say the word "smack!" I order you to get toothpaste or hot sauce & masturbate with it on your dick. In pain & humiliated I eventually order you to cum but you must lick it all up! (Props to have for this vid: your girlfriends flip flops or something to smack yourself in the balls with, you'll cum on that item & lick your cum off of it. Toothpaste or hot sauce.)

Length: 17 minutes

Chastity Training With Your Slutty Girlfriend

mp4 325.61 MB

Custom vid, no name mentioned. You've been cuckolded by your girlfriend for some time but you've come to me to assist her with your chastity training. She & I have been working together & the next step is for you to come to Vancouver for some in-person training with me. You've ordered a chastity device & this vid is for you to watch just before you head to the airport to catch your flight to Vancouver. I instruct you to masturbate into the chastity device, then lick your cum out before locking yourself into it for your trip. I talk to you about how delightfully slutty your girlfriend is & how much you love it. You love it when she lets you fuck her after other guys have cum in her. You love licking up the creampies.

Length: 14 minutes


Blowjob Or Chastity?

mp4 448.01 MB

Custom vid, no name mentioned. This is a 2 part scene. In the 1st part I am with a guy who thinks he's going to get a blowjob. I tell him we need to check that he measures up to my standard. He has an average sized cock so he's confident all will be okay. I tie him up first to make it kinkier. Then I get out my "Blowjob or Chastity" measuring stick. Uh-oh! He's close but not quite big enough! He gets locked into chastity. In the 2nd part you are seeing things from the point-of-view of the guy tied up & locked in chastity. You have to watch me give a guy with a bigger cock a blowjob while your chastity key dangles from my neck. I tease you about having an "AVERAGE" cock...but not quite big I give him a hot blowjob & he cums on my chest & on your key! Wow, harsh:-)
Length: 15 minutes

Chastity Slave Denial

mp4 270.59 MB

Too much cumming isn't good for your submissive brain. You need to be kept horny to increase your focus. Keeping you locked up in chastity keeps you compliant, obedient and focused on MY needs.
Length: 9 minutes

Watch My Home Video

mp4 272.22 MB

I'm conditioning you to be my perfect cuckold. I've been keeping you in chastity & now you will finally get a release, but while watching a video of me fucking a black guy. You will see how you don't measure up & how you can never satisfy me like a muscular black stud with a big cock. I will brain wash you to only be able to cum when you know I am getting sexual pleasure.
Length: 9 minutes

Controlled & Cuckolded

mp4 431.95 MB

Your proper place is below me, kept as my cuckold. You never get to fuck me. You are inadequate. I enjoy seeing you suffering, locked up in chastity, desperate for release...
Length: 15 minutes

Cuckold Condom Clean Up

mp4 543.44 MB

You are my snoopy cuckold & you watch me with my see him pleasing me like you never see him making me cum SO're jealous. You know that you're inadequate and could never satisfy me like that. It also makes you very horny. Your dick does the thinking & you get caught watching me with my lover. I tell you that I'll unlock you from chastity & let you cum on 1 condition: you eat all of my lovers cum from the condom! You're not into it but you're so horny you'll do anything. I tease you & encourage you to jerk off. I work you up into a lather until you're just about to burst, then I pour my lovers cum into your mouth as you start to blow your load....(NOTE: This is an excellent CEI/Cum Eating Instruction vid! You can jerk off in a condom & save it, then use it as a prop the next time you jerk off to this vid, eating your cum at the moment I pour the condom contents into your mouth POV!)
Length: 19 minutes

Ruin Your Orgasm After Chastity Release

mp4 371.31 MB

Custom vid, no name mentioned. This is a MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION with guided ABANDONED ORGASM for CHASTITY slaves. Storyline: You've been kept in chastity for awhile & it's time for your much-anticipated "release". I unlock you from your cage and start to encourage you to masturbate. I let you get close to cumming then reveal that I've discovered you've been stealing my panties. For punishment I make you abandon your orgasm causing you much frustration before locking you up again for a prolonged length of time.
Length: 12 minutes

Chastity For Hubby

mp4 319.78 MB

This is a super sensual, teasing scene for chastity cuckolds. I'm locking my cuck hubby in his cage before going out on my fuck 2 guys. Two friends, one black, one white. We're going to have a hot threesome. I describe what I think is going to happen while grazing the sensitive flesh or your blue balls with my finger tips & nails...I tease you with my body, letting you grip my hips as if you were fucking me from behind...the torment is intense as I laugh at your suffering...
Length: 11 minutes