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Personal Message For Cuckold Hubby

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This is a sweet, sensual, teasing vid for my cuckolds. I tell you about your new life as my cuckold, locked up in chastity. I coach you along to cum for me as part of your will love being my will love cleaning my creampies & everything that comes along with being my cuckold...
Length: 6 minutes

Cuckold Toilets Life

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Locked in my toilet...that's your place. You watch me getting pleased by my lovers & you take whatever comes down that hole. Today is a fuck tonne of cum from the guy who cums like a fire hose! (Whether you're into cuckolding, toilet fetish or hand jobs this is a super hot vid. The cum shot alone is well-worth it!)
Length: 9 minutes

Cuckolded By Lesbian Wife

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To you, my husband: "You remember how I asked you to take sexy pics of yourself jerking off at work? Well, your secretary & I are now going to use those pics to blackmail you into being our cuckold. Your secretary & I have been having an affair & she's going to move in now...& sleep with me in the master bedroom. You are going to be cross dressed, locked in chastity & sleep in the can have one last orgasm while she & I make out in front of you, really driving the point home that you are no longer needed sexually...." (Custom vid, no name mentioned.)
Length: 10 minutes

He Gets What You Don't

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***INTERRACIAL CUCKOLDING!*** You have always wanted me to shave my pussy for you but I fact, I've never really been very sexually enthusiastic with you. I have a new lover now, a hot black stud & he loves my pussy shaved so I do it for him. I'll be doing everything with him from now on, all the things you wanted but you won't get anymore. Kiss that shaved pussy good bye because you're never going to get to fuck me again.
Length: 9 minutes

I Cheated On You

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I am your wife. Just a regular woman. Not overly Dominant or cruel. Just a nice, loving wife who has sweetly indulged some of your kinks like sitting on your face or letting you wear panties. "I have a confession to make. I feel really bad about it: I cheated on you. I'm really sorry. I still love you & want to stay married to you....but I want to keep fucking him too..." This is a very realistic scenario where I tell you about what I've been doing & gently try to introduce you to the idea of being a cuckold. Any humiliation you feel is natural but I am not trying to make you feel humiliated. (This is a custom vid with no name mentioned.)
Length: 9 minutes

Your Wife Is Fucking Another Man

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This is a custom vid, but I don't use his name so anyone can enjoy this...well, if you enjoy being humiliated by another woman about your wife cuckolding you....that's right. I know all about your cheating wife. You can even hear her in the next room fucking another man, a man with a much larger cock than yours. You can imagine her face: pure ecstasy. You never made her feel that way. You could never please your wife sexually. Afterward you're going to go in there & clean up whatever evidence he's left. You'll eat his cum off of her belly or where ever he left it. I bet you'd even suck her lovers cock if he were in front of you right now...
Length: 7 minutes

Thick Cock For Your Wife

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Watch carefully my cuckold hubby. Watch me getting pleased by a real man, one with a BIG, THICK COCK & a fit body. He's a total stud, cumming, staying hard & fucking me again. First he cums in the condom while fucking me doggy style & you have to suck the cum out, then he cums on my tummy where you have to clean it off. (2 cum shots, 2 CUM EATING INSTRUCTIONS) This is all a part of your new reality as my cuckold & your training to become the perfect cuckold for me.
Length: 12 minutes


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It's our wedding night & although I'm not a virgin, I think it's sweet that you wanted us to wait to have sex until we were married. Unfortunately, now I discover that you have an extremely tiny penis. I refuse to have sex with you & explain that I'm going to have to get my sexual needs taken care of elsewhere. I describe what will become your cuckold life & encourage you to jerk off looking at my beautiful body while I talk about fucking other men, with much larger you can start to get used to your new reality...
Length: 11 minutes

Cuckolds Exposure

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This is a MUST-HAVE for your cuckolding collection! I married this old, limp-dicked dork for his money. I've never had sex with him & have been slowly getting him used to being a cuckold by making him lick my pussy when it's full of other men's cum. Today I take things to the next level: I make him suck cock, watch me fuck another man AND make him clean the cum from my ass & pussy! I video tape it to use as blackmail later. I threaten him with exposure to make him compliant. If I were to show this video to his coworkers, Fam or people at the church...well, his life would be over! Besides, he loves me & would do anything to ensure I don't divorce him. I'm the best thing that's ever happened to him. He's so pussy whipped!
Length: 25 minutes

Cuckold Below Us - POV

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Fans of my 'Mattress Cuckold' films will especially love this vid filmed from the point of view of lying beneath me as I enjoy my lovers big cock. (GIANTESS fans could enjoy this angle too.) Light/medium humiliation & degradation. Lots of hot GRAPHIC sex stuff including: pussy licking, cock sucking, fucking & a messy facial for YOU (cum shot on YOUR face!). TIP OF THE DAY: Search the keyword "MATTRESS" above & find at least 15 films with me fucking on top of my cuckolds!
Length: 15 minutes