MILF Punishes Sons Balls

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Sometimes a boy needs to learn a lesson and loving but strict sexy MILF knows how to leave an impression.
Length: 15 minutes

MILFs Ejaculation Test Failed

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ORGASM DENIAL + RUBBER DISHWASHING GLOVES + Fam FANTASIES + PUNISHMENT + HANDJOBS. This is a twisted vid for my naughty MILF's Boys. As you can see, I'm not wearing any panties. That's because some little pervert keeps stealing them from the dirty laundry. If you've been jerking off without permission I'll find out. I know exactly how long it should take you to cum by my hand. If you don't cum quickly enough I'll know that you've been a bad boy...
Length: 9 minutes

Teacher Humiliates You

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I've kept you after class to tell you that I noticed you playing with yourself while I was teaching today's lesson. I have a special punishment for little perverts. First I make you strip and stand naked in front of me (CFNM) which you find very humiliating. I point out how small your penis is which is even more humiliating (SPH). I make you put on slutty shoes, panties and a girly bra. I put lipstick & mascara on you then I take pictures. By now you are mortified but it's not over. I've tied you down and called your MILF in for a Parent/Teacher meeting. What is she going to think when she sees you dressed up like a sissy?
Length: 9 minutes

The Cane For Punishment

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For those of you who forgot that I'm a Dominatrix & not just a porn star....here's a reminder. Step out of line & you'll be next.
Length: 7 minutes

Nurse AssRams Pervert

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HUGE STRAP-ON ASS FUCKING with MEAN VERBALS. This pervert comes into the medical office every couple of months for a PROSTATE exam. He's always jerking his horny dick & being a creep around the nurse's. He's only had 1 finger in his ass so the nurse decides to teach him a lesson he won't forget and throws a HUGE DILDO in his ass with NO WARM-UP at all. She pounds his ass mercilessly, stretching & punishing it...all the while lashing out verbally to ensure he never comes back to bother the nurse's again.
Length: 7 minutes

Don't disappoint Mistress T!

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This is a candid vid taken in Vegas with the slave who served several of us Goddess's there. He screwed up and he got punished. See how I train slaves to be better slaves. You don't see very much of them in this vid but Ceara Lynch & Humiliation Princess Rene are there which is even more humiliating for the slave...to be punished/disciplined, chastised and degraded in front of them.
Length: 4 minutes

Cum On Your Own Face

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This naughty slave is being punished. He was heavily marked in "Harsh Punishment"....this is what happened next: he was ass fucked hard, stretched and degraded...then he was encouraged to cum on his own face...he hates the taste of his own cum so I made sure he scooped up what missed his mouth and sucked it off of his fingers. This is effective punishment for slaves and he will serve me better in the future, I assure you.
Length: 7 minutes