The Cane For Punishment

mp4 217.12 MB

For those of you who forgot that I'm a Dominatrix & not just a porn's a reminder. Step out of line & you'll be next.
Length: 7 minutes

Outdoor Corporal Punishment

mp4 242.39 MB

Classic FemDom. Just a good ol' fashioned beating. He deserved it.
Length: 8 minutes

Goddess Party 5 - T Cam 2

wmv 387.37 MB

More of the Goddess Party filmed from my point of view. See what I saw. Experience the party right along with me. This unique clip includes a few sub titles that give you a little more info on what you're seeing and/or what I'm thinking while filming. You can hear my voice too. During most of this clip there is a slave worshiping my boots, trying to not look up my skirt...I'm wearing crotchless pantyhose and I enjoy teasing and tormenting him with my close, yet so far...
Length: 11 minutes

Punishing Little Johnny Part 2

wmv 227.73 MB

The Bitch Babysitter continues her punishment with a good caning. HD and great camera angles give you realistic views of the damage. This is 100% real, no make-up.

Cane The Rookie

wmv 192.44 MB

Meet the new guy. He got to experience something most of you will only dream of. To submit to me. To serve me. He said he could and would take a hard caning for me. Find out if he pleased me. As always, my corporal punishment clips are 100% real. No make up or special effects.