Fuck 1 Slave, Deny the Other

mp4 242.4 MB

A hopeful pleasure slave fucks up & his punishment is watching another slave get what he was hoping for while he suffers with blue-balled denial.
Length: 8 minutes

Humiliation Rejection Cuckolding

mp4 313.09 MB

If you've ever wanted a woman that you couldn't have...if you've ever been jealous that another man got to have her...if somehow sexual rejection has twisted around in your brain to turn you on...than this is for you. Maybe it started in high school? A girl out of your league humiliating you...or maybe something more any case, the title says it all. This is a thorough mind fuck if you're into any of the above.
Length: 10 minutes

Facesitting & Denial

mp4 150.47 MB

You dream of being beneath my gorgeous ass & pussy...sniffing my personal aroma, feeling my warm weight against your face...
Length: 5 minutes

Cuckolded Slave & Fuck Toy

mp4 443.81 MB

FEMDOM CUCKOLDING! This is another one of those very rare CREAMPIE vids! I use one slave for my sexual pleasure (well-hung fuck toy) while the other slave is used as a fluffer (cocksucker) & creampie cleaner. I also enjoy humiliating him & degrading him, teasing & taunting him, denying him.
Length: 15 minutes

Lick my girfriends ass: Not!

wmv 166.98 MB

Sweet torture! The Bitch Princess makes her stupid slave think he will get a chance to worship her girlfriends gorgeous ass and pussy. He's drooling and begging as she 'taste tests' but doesn't let him have any. Great verbal in this one. You'll be on your knees licking your screen before it's over.

Suspension Tease

wmv 125.9 MB

This strung up slave gets teased and tortured by the sensual Mistress T. So close yet so far! This is a great clip for tease & denial fetishists but also features a little foot and ass worship. Run time 3:41