Slave Games: Ballbusting

mp4 164.54 MB

We play a game with the slaves...asking them questions...a wrong answer gets a kick in the balls. Thrilling! (Click to see more of Kandy Kink from Club Stiletto) .... (Click to see more of Domme Kyaa) .... (Click to see more of Bijou Steal)
Length: 5 minutes

Masturbation Gamble

mp4 242.67 MB

This is a super hot hand job vid with loads of teasing...& a surprise ending. The whole clip I tell you that you can't cum unless he ejaculates on cue. Lots of dirty talk keeps you on the edge as I give the hottest fucking MASTURBATION'll want to blow your load in the first few minutes...but hold on...wait...I give a countdown as I stroke that horny cock & if he cums when I get to 1 (one) you get to cum too...if not, hands off! Are you feeling lucky?
Length: 11 minutes

Game Day 2

mp4 382.81 MB

It's time to play your favorite game again today! I tease you mercilessly with my feet and body. We'll play lots of 'stop & go' as I guide you through a MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION. Will you be given permission to cum at the end or will you be denied? There's only one way to find out...
Length: 13 minutes

Game Day

mp4 276.67 MB

This is a custom clip. You're my full time house boy/man servant. If you please me all week I usually allow you to have an orgasm. This week we're going to play a little game to make things more interesting. With lots of sensual teasing I get you very worked up. You're SO horny and desperate to cum! Then I draw a ball to see if you get to have an orgasm (which you must have within 10 seconds of me drawing the ball) or if you get denied until next week...or for the next month! Even I didn't know how this clip would end until I drew the ball at the neither will you! Feelin' lucky? (Lots of great views of my feet as I know how much they turn you on!)
Length: 10 minutes

Tug of War Ball Torture

wmv 243.22 MB

Let the games begin! Veronica and I each chose a competing slave to entice any way we the clip and find out who wins, and how. The clip also includes a fun scene where I parade the slaves around the whole room, dragging them along by their balls as well as a hot ass worship scene. (Warning, extreme ball stretching/abuse.)
Length: 3 minutes

Grunt Piggy

wmv 332.45 MB

Need a break from super serious Domination clips? Want to see something really FUN? How about watching two Goddess's compete to see how much cum water they can squirt into a slave's mouth with water guns? The naked slave (target) amuses Eden and I in a ridiculous get-up and grunting like a piggy. There's more laughs in this clip than the To-night Show! It starts off with a shoejob milking and orgasm to produce the cum to fill the water guns and then the GAMES begin.
Length: 9 minutes