I Love Ballbusting 1

mp4 122.81 MB

This vid contains 42 hard kicks, mostly standing with boots, some with the slave kneeling and a few barefoot kicks. It also contains a few slow motion views and faster views of my favorite kicks. This is VERY HARDCORE. No storyline, no filler: all action. (Featuring gorgeous Gianmarco Lorenzi Italian designer stiletto boots.)
Length: 4 minutes

Ceara Lynch And I Abuse You

mp4 292.29 MB

Humiliation & abuse from Ceara & I! Think you can handle it? (Click to see more of Ceara Lynch: clips4sale.com/16312)
Length: 10 minutes

Tug of War Ball Torture

wmv 243.22 MB

Let the games begin! Veronica and I each chose a competing slave to entice any way we wished...buy the clip and find out who wins, and how. The clip also includes a fun scene where I parade the slaves around the whole room, dragging them along by their balls as well as a hot ass worship scene. (Warning, extreme ball stretching/abuse.)
Length: 3 minutes