Dominant MILF Destroys Your Ego

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There's something about a mature, experienced, confident woman that makes you weak. A MILF, GILF, cougar, older woman, one who knows exactly what she's doing and won't put up with your BS. You want to be put in your place by a woman like that. You want her to take control, to break you down & make you her bitch. Prepare to be collared and follow my instructions as I make you jerk off for me, exactly the way I want you to.


Length: 14 minutes

MILF's Sissy Panty Thief

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Caught jerking off with MILF's panties the punishment is swift...& humiliating. MILF decides to teach him a lesson by making him wear her panties & abuses his balls a little. She teases him about being a sissy & makes him cum while wearing her panties...& smacks his balls while cumming so he can't enjoy his orgasm.
Length: 14 minutes

Mature Woman Seduces

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Do you have a thing for older women, mature ladies, MILF's, GILF's...experienced women who could show you the ropes, train you to be a better lover, to control your orgasm...a woman who can take control of you...
Length: 11 minutes

MILF Seduces Black Stud

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This is also a great vid if you're into INTERRACIAL CUCKOLDING! MILF seduces the hot black friend of her boy while he's in the bedroom...the thrill of getting caught...along with the age difference...only adds to the hotness of the interracial sex! Pushing things further she pumps the black bull's cum all over her chest wondering if her boy will notice her glistening cleavage when he gets up.
Length: 14 minutes

MILF's Satin Panty Boy

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I catch you wearing my panties. Uh-oh. I tease you about it & let you know that I've suspected you had a fetish for satin for awhile. I decide to indulge your perversions and guide you in a sensual masturbation instruction...
Length: 12 minutes

Mature Cuckoldress Takes Younger Lover

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You & I have been married a long time...& I've never been sexually satisfied with you. On this spa weekend getaway I met a younger man...and I'm making you this video to tell you all about it...and how you'll just be my cuckold from now on if you want to keep our marriage together. I deserve bigger cocks & fitter studs...
Length: 7 minutes

Training By Mature Lady

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You're drawn to classy older women...MILF's, cougars...experienced women who you know could teach you a few things. You want to be a better lover. You want to learn how to please women...even how to serve Goddess's. You need to be groomed. You need to learn orgasm control. A mature woman taking you in hand...controlling your training...that's just what you need...
Length: 11 minutes